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Chips On The Way – EaglesFanCast 145

EaglesFanCast PodcastPhiladelphia Eagles training camp is well under way, and we’ve already seen a starter in Jeremy Maclin go down for the season and another player, Riley Cooper, involved in a controversy due to stupidity.  Such is the life of the Eagles fans’ frustrations, right?  We talk about Maclin and Cooper, training camp, and mostly the new excitement for this new season under a new head coach, and the way Chip Kelly is approaching things so far.  The team still doesn’t have a named starting quarterback, although it appears Michael Vick is the favorite right now.  The Defense is a mystery in how it can handle this season, but the Offense looks very promising, and could potentially be very exciting.

A new Eagles season, and new hopes, yet a completely different outlook.  This is an exciting time for Eagles fans.  We want to hear from you!

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EaglesFanCast 86 – Preseason Football Starts

Training Camp for the Philadelphia Eagles is well under way in Lehigh, PA, and our Birds have their first preseason football game this Friday.  The Jacksonville Jaguars travel to Philadelphia where we all get to see the new team on the field for the first time.  There is much excitement building for this season, and reports are racing out of camp about the players, position changes, a flurry of injuries, and status updates.

This week we mainly talk about this building excitement and a few of the things that we have seen and hope to see moving forward.  We also talk about the toughness of the Eagles camp and how we like what we see building in Kolb’s instincts so far.

Preseason and always:

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Home Tweet Home

So it’s finally time for training camp and as I’m stuck over here in the UK, I can’t pop down to Bethlehem and interview any players – even if I did manage to scrape together some sort of press credentials! Luckily for me though, many of our Eagles have been Tweeting away throughout the week and here is some of what they had to share with the world.

Darryl Tapp – “Back in Philly, training camp here I come!!!!!!!!!”

Jamar Chaney – “Just made it to the airport. Almost missed my flight & my bag was 15 pounds over. Smh! Its all good tho, I’m just ready to get to Lehigh!”

Todd Herremans – “Couldn’t sleep in as long as I wanted. Gotta report to trainin camp 2day but I gotta throw some s*** in the bag 1st…”

Michael Vick – “I couldnt even sleep last night…Todays the day!”

Jamar Chaney – “Boarding the plan to Lehigh now! This a small plane! Lol!”

Michael Vick – “Focus level on another level..To all my fans coming out to camp, thanks for the support!”

DeSean Jackson – “Gettn my Buizness takn care off b4 I head bac to Philly 2night… It iz that time… I’m in my zone all about my Buizness..”

Michael Vick – “Day 1 is in the Books!”

Jeff Owens – “Just got out of meetings tomorrow is going to be a long day…”

Ricky Sapp – “First NFL camp…. Let’s goooo”

DeSean Jackson – “On my way to Philly Boi I’m on my stuff… Grind’n season in mode full blast let’s ROLL….”

Ricky Sapp – “Morning twitter… Have a blessed day…. Day 2”

Jeff Owens – “Goodmorning twitter fam today is the first day of practice!!!”

Jamar Chaney – “1st practice in the books! Had a great one, but still got to improve in the 2nd practice! Hading to meeting & lunch now!”

Jeff Owens – “First practice went well still learning the system”

Todd Herremans – “Ok.. Great workout this morning!”

Jamaal Jackson – “Working hard @ work! Grind mode 2010 let’s get it….”

Jeff Owens – “Another great practice in the books, what happen to all the fans at the second practice”

Jeremy Maclin – “been chillin all day…time for the gym!”

Stewart Bradley – “Eagles football will dominate this season!”

Jeff Owens – “Just finish eating dinner, I ate a salad with some pasta and shrimp gotta eat right to dominate….”

Jeff Owens – “Meetings after meetings… Tonite I’m going to bed early lol”

Leonard Weaver – “Yo it’s yo boy weave and training camp is 1 day away. I can’t wait”

Michael Vick – “Day 2 is a wrap..its only a matter of time now!”

Michael Vick – “I forgot what training camp was like, its rough..but all the greats had to go through it!”

Jamar Chaney – “2day was a great start to my 1st trainin camp! Cant wait to get out there 2ma! Bout to catch these Zs tho! Holla @ yall 2ma.Gd nite & God Bless”

Jamar Chaney – “Morning practice in the books! Another great one for ya boi! Heading to meetings & than lunch!”

Jeff Owens – “Practice 4 is in the books just got in the cold tube and hot tube now it’s time for Dinner!!!”

Jeremy Maclin – “Packin for training camp….excited to get back at it! #readytoride”

Brandon Graham – “Getting ready for camp….Cant wait to show what I’m made of!”

Leonard Weaver – “Hey guys good morning, I’m up and eating breakfast and me and Mango are going go leave and head to training camp. It’s here baby…..”

Jeff Owens – “Who’s gonna help me study my playbook???”

Jeremy Maclin – “All settled in at camp….dinner at 5 then meeting….#readytoride”

Stewart Bradley – “Bye Bye Philly… Hello Leigh High! Get excited!”

Todd Herremans – “About to knock out this introductory meeting.. Its gonna take 4ever :/”

Michael Vick – “Im taking camp one day at at time..feels good to be back tho”

Michael Vick – “And thanks to all the fans that have been coming out to support us…we appreciate it!”

Brandon Graham – “Thanks everybody for congratulating me and I can’t wait to go out there tomorrow and get to work!! I’m about to cause havoc and kill QB’s!!”

Jamar Chaney – “Done w/ breakfast, in the locker room now gettin ready to hit this practice field. Oh how I love my job!”

Brandon Graham – “Just made it to Philly I’m so excited to get to work and compete with my teammates!!”

Leonard Weaver – “Now I’m back at my room chilling until our 10:30 special teams meeting.”

Asante Samuel – “Strong off season workouts and pure dedication to being the best means I am ready to help the team win a championship”

Leonard Weaver – “Hey ladies and vents we are about to have a meeting. Offensive meeting. Installation time baby.”

Jeff Owens – “Cant wait tomorrow its Full Pads…. Its time to get down and dirty!!!! who’s coming to watch me put on a show??”

Leonard Weaver – “Man we have looked great over the past few days.”

DeSean Jackson – “1st day we put on them pads and went live. Felt good the fellas was out there ready. We lookn nice out here and they say we young. Watch out”

Jeremy Maclin – “Just got done wit evening practice about a hr ago….bout to head to dinner and meetings…tired as a dog tho!”

Leonard Weaver – “I don’t know of my carries will increase or decrease but its doesn’t matter. As long as were winning its all good.”

Leonard Weaver – “Kevin looked great as well as Michael Vick.”

Brent Celek – “no easier place to sleep than training camp. #supertired”

Jamar Chaney – “2day was a very productive day for me & also for the entire team. We looking real good out there, just got to continue to get better!”

DeSean Jackson – “Everybody follow my bro @CenterStage67 he is the key to our eagle success down there in them trenches..”

Asante Samuel – “Another good day of practice. We are young and explosive. Watch out for the Eagles this year!!”

Leonard Weaver – “At breakfast with jamaal talking about to head to practice for another great day.”

Asante Samuel – “Wat up Eagle Nation? Watching team work hard and its killing me! Doc’s holding me out cuz of my hammy!? Too fired up to be watching!!”

Asante Samuel – “Watch out for my boi Ernie Simms he is a beast! A BEAST!”

Asante Samuel – “In my 8 years in da league I never saw anyone as explosive as D Jack and Maclin. They r gonna b great together! Go Green!!”

Asante Samuel – “Shout out to ALL my EAGLES fans out there that can’t wait to see some Eagles football!! UNSTOPPABLE”

Jeremy Maclin – “Good practice this morning…O and D getting after it…got done bout 10:30 but I haven’t left yet gotta maintain the body #Iknowit”

Leonard Weaver – “Hey practice was fun today and the fans had a lot of intensity.”

And there we have it, lazy journalism! Twitter can be a very interesting read at times with plenty of banter flowing back and forth between the guys. Here is the list of Eagles I have so far, feel free to add comments with anyone I don’t know about.

@CenterStage67   (Jamaal Jackson)
@cutondime  (LeSean McCoy)
Cheers from the UK and GO BIRDS!

EaglesFanCast 85 – Training Camp At Last

Well we are finally back! After taking a few months off due to all kinds of reasons, we finally make our 2010 season return. Todd and Chuck chat with one of our newest site writers, Steve Brown all the way from the UK!

We talked about the start of Training Camp, the excitement of a new season, and touched on players such as Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, Stewart Bradley, Brent Celek and the newest Eagle, Nate Allen, among others.

With the departure of Donovan McNabb, leaving Kolb and Vick, Chuck raised the question about the Wildcat and it’s presence (or lack of) in this year’s Offense.

Still where we want to be:

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EaglesFanCast Is Back!

Your EaglesFanCast HostsAfter a Summer of vacations, conflicts and technical issues… Eric, Todd and Chuck climb out of the sweltering heat to talk about our first love, The Eagles (our wives won’t read this anyway). With the team starting up Training Camp this week, we will start to see how things are going to look for our reconfigured 2010 Philadelphia Eagles. Hopefully this year will start off better than 2009 did, and the transition from McNabb to Kolb will be solid.

We plan to also record the show live on ustream, so join us in the chat room tonight at this address – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/eaglesfancast.  Check our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for the exact time that we will start (somewhere around 8:30pm EDT).

The podcast will be posted a few hours later once it’s all been put together. I’ll let you know in the usual locations.

See you tonight!