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EaglesFanCast 81 – A New Era

Well every Philadelphia Eagles fan worth their salt knows what we talked about this week.  It was the epic trade of our Quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Division rival, Washington Redskins.  We discuss what the move means to the team, to the coaches, to McNabb, to our new starting Quarterback Kevin Kolb, and hit on many other topics relating to the team, the Spring Cleaning that has been going on, and the upcoming NFL Draft.

What we discussed:

  • Donovan McNabb ends his career with the Philadelphia Eagles and starts his new chapter as a Washington Redskin
  • Do the Redskins really get that much better? Yes, but how much overall?
  • Eagles have 11 picks in this year’s NFL Draft
  • This team is a very young team now
  • If Kevin Kolb excels, there are a ton of Offensive weapons at his disposal
  • Defense is a big concern now
  • Why such a huge Spring Cleaning this year?

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Eagles Acquire FB Luke Lawton From Colts

Here’s the facts: The Eagles traded a conditional 2009 Draft Pick to the Indianapolis Colts for fullback Luke Lawton. The Philadelphia Eagles website announced it earlier today. Lawton is listed at 240 pounds, and came from McNeese State in 2004.

He hasn’t made much of an impact in his career in the NFL so far, yet played with the Colts for their 2007 Super Bowl season with fellow Eagle Dan Klecko.  Even the Eagles announcement writer isn’t too excited about him, since he called him “Walton”… not much respect so far.  Considering the Eagles won’t be carrying four fullbacks, you have to wonder where the Eagles staff sees him, especially for a 2009 conditional pick.  The obvious direction looks like Special Teams.  You have to figure that with Klecko, Jason Davis and the big rookie Jed Collins in there, there won’t be room on the Offensive side of the ball for the smallest, Lawton.   If he was really fast, I think we would have heard more about him.  He does have some Special Teams experience, though, so there’s that.

I’m not sure how this move works for the team, but maybe they’re not happy with what they’ve seen so far in the existing FB group.  Just trying to keep hope that the men in charge have a plan.

Mega-trade in the works?

There is a nasty little rumor circulating that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals have “agreed in principle” on a trade that would see the Eagles send disgruntled CB Lito Sheppard and one of their first round draft picks in next year’s draft to the Bengals for their equally disgruntled WR Chad Johnson. Although this is not necessarily a “new” rumor, the latest twist is that both teams are keeping it a secret until June 1st, where certain contractual issues that are currently preventing a deal to occur would resolve themselves.

Just think about it for a moment. Chad Johnson on one side, Reggie Brown (now the #2 receiver) on the other. Kevin Curtis line up in the slot (ala Wes Welker). LJ Smith over tackle, and B-West in the backfield. You tell me, what defense can cover all of those options??? (hint: the answer is NONE)

Eagles active on Draft Day

The Philadelphia Eagles traded their 1st round pick (19th overall) to the Carolina Panthers for their 2nd and 4th round picks in this year’s draft as well as the Panthers 1st round pick in next year’s draft. My opinion – I think that once the two offensive tackles went at 14 and 15, there were no more players left that the Birds wanted to spend a 1st round pick on. So, they now have twelve…TWELVE! picks remaining in this draft. The one thing that I find VERY interesting with this move is the 1st round pick from the Panthers in next year’s draft because let’s face it, the Panthers should, uh, SUCK this year!!!

The Eagles, as of now, will make the 43rd and 49th overall picks in the second round. I am absolutely GLUED to the TV!!

UPDATE (6:52 PM) – The Eagles have traded a 4th round pick (#115 overall) to the Miami Dolphins for RB Lorenzo Booker. The first thing that I thought of was, “Has there even been an Eagle with the first name Lorenzo?”

I do not know too much about Booker, but as Tommy Lawlor mentioned on our show last week, is this the end for Ryan Moats?

UPDATE (7:35 PM) – OK, are the Eagles going to make a frigging pick today? The Eagles traded their 2nd round pick obtained from the Panthers, as well as a 5th rounder, to the Vikings for their second round pick (47th overall) and an additional 4th round pick. It has been hard to keep up, but I think I finally figured it out. The Eagles currently have every single draft pick in the 4th round tomorrow!!!

UPDATE (7:45 PM) – Well, the pick is in. With the 47th pick, the Eagles have selected Trevor Laws, DT from Notre Dame.  Another year, another D-line pick from Andy Reid.  WHAT ABOUT OFFENSIVE TACKLE? WHAT ABOUT WIDE RECEIVER?  Well, at least we got a solid, high-character kid from Notre Dame.

UPDATE (7:50 PM) – With their original pick in the second round (49th overall), the Eagles have selected DeSean Jackson!!  HOT DAMN!!!  A speed WR!! A playmaker for McNabb!!  I cannot stop using exclamation points!!

Juicy rumors surrounding some WRs

One trait of a good journalist is trust – he or she should establish a network of trusted sources (read: spies) and should return that trust by NEVER revealing those sources when asked. We here at EaglesFanCast try to be everywhere at once, and it is with the help of our ever-expanding network that we bring you the latest news about our beloved Birds.

The latest rumor swirling around the team is a whopper. According to our sources, the Eagles and Arizona Cardinals are once again discussing a deal. The particulars? CB Lito Sheppard, OT Winston Justice, and our 1st round pick…for none other than WR Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald carries a $16 million cap number for this year and the next – that is a pretty big nugget which would force the Eagles to get a bit creative. One way I see them doing this is by releasing LB Takeo Spikes and his $5 million cap number. I saw the future of the Eagles LB corps towards the end of last year, with Omar Gaither and Chris Gocong on the outside and Stewart Bradley in the middle. Plus, did you happen to see what number was issued to our latest acquisition, Chris Clemons? That would be # 50. A linebacker’s number. I think the writing is on the wall for Spikes at least; whether it leads to us acquiring Fitzgerald will remain to be seen.

Also, it is now being reported that UFA WR Randy Moss is returning to New England with a three-year deal. Before you get all bent and ream the front office for not making a pitch, our sources are telling us that Andy Reid and Moss recently had a 1.5 hour conversation, but they obviously could not agree on contractual terms. Well, at least they gave it the ol’ college try.