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Chip Kelly Fired – EaglesFanCast 197

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Well the Philadelphia Eagles season was ended in embarrassing fashion with the Washington Redskins crushing the Birds in Philly, racking up yet another loss at home.

But what overshadows this loss, and the loss of the season, is that the Eagles organization, namely Jeffrey Lurie, fired head coach Chip Kelly today unexpectedly.  We, along with Eagles guru Tommy Lawlor, discuss the why’s, how Kelly lost the will of some players, and the rest of the circumstances surrounding this untimely development.

Fans so far on social media seem to be overwhelmingly for this move by the team, with not much sympathy for Chip.  We of course start the speculation, with Todd thinking Jon Gruden returns to Philadelphia, and Tommy is interested in the Saints’ Sean Peyton.  Many names are eventually mentioned, and you can catch them all on the audio!  Chuck’s pick is Tommy, so let’s #HireTommy.

Oh yeah, there is one final game in the 2015 NFL season.  The Eagles play the New York Giants in a meaningless game.  The temporary head coach for that game is Pat Shurmur.

It is never boring being an Eagles fan, is it?  It may be painful at times, disappointing at others, and exciting as well, but it is never, ever boring being an Eagles fan.

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