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And They’re Off!

Literally, it seems, they’re off… off to a very questionable start.  Who?  Of course the Eagles front office and how they’re dealing with free agency.

Here’s the losses as of 7:00pm Friday (EST):



More than some questionable calls on this list, don’t you think?  Dawkins is no longer an Eagle… how does THAT feel?  I’m scratching my head, and hoping that they start to make some sense very very soon.  So with Andrews coming, that means we’ll say goodbye to Runyan soon as well.  Not sure about you, but this is starting out rather odd to me. Hope things improve, because right now, I’m extremely bummed about losing Dawkins.

We’ll see.

Mega-trade in the works?

There is a nasty little rumor circulating that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals have “agreed in principle” on a trade that would see the Eagles send disgruntled CB Lito Sheppard and one of their first round draft picks in next year’s draft to the Bengals for their equally disgruntled WR Chad Johnson. Although this is not necessarily a “new” rumor, the latest twist is that both teams are keeping it a secret until June 1st, where certain contractual issues that are currently preventing a deal to occur would resolve themselves.

Just think about it for a moment. Chad Johnson on one side, Reggie Brown (now the #2 receiver) on the other. Kevin Curtis line up in the slot (ala Wes Welker). LJ Smith over tackle, and B-West in the backfield. You tell me, what defense can cover all of those options??? (hint: the answer is NONE)

Eagles News, Notes, and Nuggets

This week the Eagles announced that TE L.J. Smith has signed his 1-year, $4.5 million franchise tender offer and that CB Joselio Hanson signed his 1-year restricted free-agent tender offer.  Both players seem to be saying all of the right things and appear willing to commit to the team now that their contract issues have been resolved (for now).  I, for one, like both players and am glad that they will be on the team this coming season, but I do think Smith now has a lot more pressure to perform in order to justify this year’s contract, as well as his next one.

In other news, OT William “Don’t call me Tra” Thomas has apparently had a change of heart, and has switched his name BACK to Tra.  Apparently, not too many people took to calling him “William”, so he switched back.  Can we hope that “Tra” and Juqua “Don’t call me Thomas” Parker are now satisfied with their driver’s licenses and can get back to some more important things, like concentrating on the names of the opposing players that they will be lining up against this upcoming season?  I mean, seriously…

Also, Head Coach Andy Reid gave an interview yesterday while attending the annual NFC Coaches Luncheon.  Although there was no mention of General Lee’s Chicken, there were numerous food references, all of which do not make defending Reid to fans of other NFL teams any easier.  However, the media and fans seem to be completely up in arms regarding some of Reid’s answers, most notably ones he gave surrounding rumors of a Donovan McNabb trade and how he feels about the team’s current “playmakers”.  A transcript of the interview can be found here.

While speaking of rumors, the ones about WR Chad Johnson and the Eagles do not seem to be going away.  The latest one I heard was that the Eagles were in some kind of “secret negotiations” with the mecurial and outspoken wideout.    Would you trade Lito Sheppard for Chad Johnson?  Seems like a great fit for both teams, I’m just sayin’…

Juicy rumors surrounding some WRs

One trait of a good journalist is trust – he or she should establish a network of trusted sources (read: spies) and should return that trust by NEVER revealing those sources when asked. We here at EaglesFanCast try to be everywhere at once, and it is with the help of our ever-expanding network that we bring you the latest news about our beloved Birds.

The latest rumor swirling around the team is a whopper. According to our sources, the Eagles and Arizona Cardinals are once again discussing a deal. The particulars? CB Lito Sheppard, OT Winston Justice, and our 1st round pick…for none other than WR Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald carries a $16 million cap number for this year and the next – that is a pretty big nugget which would force the Eagles to get a bit creative. One way I see them doing this is by releasing LB Takeo Spikes and his $5 million cap number. I saw the future of the Eagles LB corps towards the end of last year, with Omar Gaither and Chris Gocong on the outside and Stewart Bradley in the middle. Plus, did you happen to see what number was issued to our latest acquisition, Chris Clemons? That would be # 50. A linebacker’s number. I think the writing is on the wall for Spikes at least; whether it leads to us acquiring Fitzgerald will remain to be seen.

Also, it is now being reported that UFA WR Randy Moss is returning to New England with a three-year deal. Before you get all bent and ream the front office for not making a pitch, our sources are telling us that Andy Reid and Moss recently had a 1.5 hour conversation, but they obviously could not agree on contractual terms. Well, at least they gave it the ol’ college try.