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EaglesFanCast 109 – Eagles on Fire

We try to address what the Philadelphia Eagles have done in free agency and trades over the past week, but it’s almost impossible within an hour’s time.  All we know for sure is that the Eagles have become more aggressive this off-season since the lockout ended than in any other year that we can remember, surely the most under current management.  We have to say, along with most other Eagles fans, that we are very excited for this season.  Although there are still concerns, such as the linebacker and kicker positions, the Eagles are a better team over last year at most positions.

What we discussed:

  • The Eagles have been on fire with moves and signings in a huge way all week
  • Kicker Alex Henery reportedly kicking monster field goals consistently at Training Camp
  • Linebacker position still a question, but it seems less of a concern with the rest of the lineup
  • Will there be a trade of Asante Samuel since there are three stud corners?
  • DeSean Jackson holding out at Training Camp, but he needs to be paid, it’s that simple
  • Dallas’ Rob Ryan tried to stir the pot wit calling the Eagles (presumably) the “all hype team”. Meh.

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EaglesFanCast 76 – One To Go

The Philadelphia Eagles had a big week, winning their sixth straight game by defeating the Denver Broncos in Philly, welcoming back Brian Dawkins and Correll Buckhalter, and seeing six of their players make it to the Pro Bowl.  But what is bigger than this week is what they have coming up next… the Dallas Cowboys, the NFC East, and a first-round BYE in the playoffs.  We do our best to break it all down from the fans’ point of view, and hear from other fans in the process as the 2009 NFL regular season comes to a close in the Eagles biggest game of the season.  Hold on tight, everyone, our playoffs start this week in Dallas!

What we discussed:

  • Eagles beat the Denver Broncos, 30-27, and have won their last six games
  • Eric reads an email from AussieMike from November, who mentioned that if the Eagles went 12-4 on the season, he would walk bare-assed down Bourke Street
  • Eric talks about how Lincoln Financial Field received Brian Dawkins back home
  • We talk about Jamaal Jackson’s season-ending injury, and what it means to this Offense
  • Aussie Steve calls in a voicemail
  • How huge is this game against Dallas this week?!
  • Playoff scenarios in the NFC
  • Where we are watching the game
  • Email from Dean in Birmingham, England
  • Email from Reverend Jim in Brisbane, Australia

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EaglesFanCast 61 – Expectations

The Eagles mercifully exit the preseason with a 1-3 record, and enter the official 2009-2010 season traveling to the Carolina Panthers this coming Sunday.  This team seems to be a mystery to fans, yet sports analysts see good things from them.  We talk about the moves of the last week, how things look going forward and talk about what fans have written to us.

What we discussed:

  • The Eagles visit the Carolina Panthers to start the NFL season this Sunday
  • We talk about the roster cuts, signings and starters
  • Email from Dennis in Gettysburg, PA
  • Are Eagles fans just beaten down by their own expectations?
  • Email from Craig
  • Email from Dean in Birmingham, England
  • Other games around the league, or at least the NFC East

Link:  Podcamp Philly on October 3, 4 2009 at Temple University. Chuck will be there!

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