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And They’re Off!

Literally, it seems, they’re off… off to a very questionable start.  Who?  Of course the Eagles front office and how they’re dealing with free agency.

Here’s the losses as of 7:00pm Friday (EST):



More than some questionable calls on this list, don’t you think?  Dawkins is no longer an Eagle… how does THAT feel?  I’m scratching my head, and hoping that they start to make some sense very very soon.  So with Andrews coming, that means we’ll say goodbye to Runyan soon as well.  Not sure about you, but this is starting out rather odd to me. Hope things improve, because right now, I’m extremely bummed about losing Dawkins.

We’ll see.

EaglesFanCast Episode 49 – Believe In Green

Our Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants in a classic smash mouth football game up in the swamps of Jersey. The Eagles now move on to the NFC Championship game! The Arizona Cardinals beat the Carolina Panthers, and now host the Eagles in warm Arizona this Sunday. Eagles players, coaches and fans are riding high after this latest victory, and confidence has become high. We talk about all aspects of the Giants game, the upcoming Cardinals game, and everything in between. We’re definitely enjoying this run, and our listeners chime in big this week. Plus we were sent the song Eagles Game Face ’08 by Nidice, and I had to play it on the show… time to get pumped up Eagles Fans!! We’re in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP! One Team, One City, One Dream… I believe.

What we discussed:

  • We are in the NFC Championship!
  • Eagles beat the New York Giants 23-11 to advance in the playoffs
  • We focus on the Arizona Cardinals next
  • Game plan?  Blitz Kurt Warner
  • Yes, Joe Buck is a miserable tool
  • Chuck eats some crow on his vocal opinions of Andy Reid
  • Brian Westbrook’s helped the Offense despite getting stopped so often, the Giants D allowed other Eagles weapons to strike
  • Email from Travis, who talks about moving on in the playoffs
  • Email from Phil, who is psyched on all aspects of this team and where they are now
  • The confidence of the team both on Offense and Defense is carrying them through these games
  • Email from Nils in Denmark, who talks about the NFL there, visiting the States for games, and challenges Eric
  • Email from Kurt in Pennsylvania, who sums up his emotional investment in the Eagles team
  • Email from Craig in upstate New York, who gives props to Jason Avant for his play
  • Brent Celek, Jason Avant, DeSean Jackson and others have outperformed our expectations for this year
  • Email from Mark in Nebraska, who praises the Eagles D for the 4th Down stops, and gives props to Broderick Bunkley and Husker Stewart Bradley
  • Eric and Chuck were interviewed by Rebecca Roberts from NPR today about being Eagles fans. It was a good time, and it will air, we believe, Saturday evening. We’ll give out the details of where you can hear it or access it online, once we know for sure.
  • We end the show with a great song that was sent to us by Nidice, performing Eagles Game Face ’08. You can find him over at http://myspace.com/nidice Thanks so much! It’s awesome!!
  • Also a big thanks to Alex, Dennis, AussieSteve, AussieEagle, AussieMike, Karen and Holden.  I wasn’t able to get to your emails tonight, and I do apologize.  We just had a ton on our plate, but keep it up, you all rock!

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Here’s the video version of the song Eagles Game Face ’08, courtesy of Nidice

EaglesFanCast Episode 32 – Respect Your Elders

Show Notes: Episode 32 for Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles lose a heartbreaker in Irving Texas to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. In one of the best NFL games I’ve ever watched, critical mistakes cost the Eagles the game, and they fall 41-37. In this show we try to put perspective on the game, how early in the season it is, what went wrong, and what can be done to fix things. Despite the loss, we recognize that the Eagles are truly one of the best teams in the NFL this season, and it will be a fun ride to the end.

What we discussed:

  • Philadelphia Eagles lose to the Dallas Cowboys, 41-37
  • We address Donovan McNabb’s fumbled handoff to Brian Westbrook and his inability to run the 2-minute Offense
  • Sean Considine got burned badly in the Terrell Owens TD reception
  • Brian Dawkins looked old and slow and definitely not on his game, and it’s both sad and worrisome
  • Three teams from the NFC East are in the Top 5 for the ESPN NFL Power Rankings
  • We talk about coaching on both sides of the ball
  • We have an email from Jason who talks about how he feels the day after the loss
  • The Eagles play the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lincoln Financial Field this coming Sunday
  • One of the things the Defense has to do this week is get to Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger
  • We get a twitter message from our buddy Jason from Bleeding Green Nation asking about any kind of interstate rivalry that may exist with the Steelers
  • We have a big tailgate planned this week, BIG!

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