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Free Agency Mayhem – EaglesFanCast 179

EaglesFanCast Podcast

When the Philadelphia Eagles season ended, there were few doubts as to what the Eagles organization had to do to move into the 2015 season a better team.  Backup quarterback Mark Sanchez would be relegated to backup duties, if another QB wasn’t signed in the off-season, and plug several holes on the Defense, namely cornerback and safety.

But entering January, coach Chip Kelly became General Manager Chip Kelly, and Howie Roseman became the numbers guy for the organization, with all player personnel final decisions falling to Chip.  Then, March happened.  In a matter of days leading up to free agency, which officially kicked off the afternoon of March 10th, the Eagles team is practically unrecognizable from a player perspective.

At the end of February, the Eagles released TE James Casey and somewhat surprisingly, guard Todd Herremens, and the next week signed linebacker Brad Jones.  Rather standard so far.  The next day, fan favorite Trent Cole was cut, another salary cap release, along with cornerback Cary Williams.

Then things get, um, weird.

It is then reported that the Eagles will trade star running back LeSean (Shady) McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for ILB Kiko Alonso, who is coming off a serious injury.  This is a week before free agency officially starts, mind you.

Two days before free agency, quarterback Mark Sanchez is re-signed, to a two-year deal.  Now, free agent starting wide receiver Jeremy Maclin still has not been paid, and fans are wondering what is going on.  We find out quickly as the Chiefs announce they agree to terms with Maclin, and he will be reunited with former Eagles head coach Andy Reid.  But on the somewhat positive side, Frank Gore has reportedly agreed to sign with the Eagles.  So the running game has been more solidified with the loss of McCoy.

The day before free agency, the Eagles re-sign Brandon Graham, and things are good.  Then Gore backs out, and instead signs with the Colts.  Now Eagles fans question EVERYTHING about what is going on, many panic, and many break ankles jumping off the Chipwagon.

Finally the day comes, free agency, March 10th.  Some things will be answered.  But wait!  The Eagles trade starting quarterback Nick Foles to the Rams for injured QB Sam Bradford!!  Many a “WTF” was seen on Twitter.  Rumors fly rampant in many directions, and no one seems to know what is going on.

Then the Eagles add CB Walter Thurmond, CB Byron Maxwell, and RB Ryan Matthews is coming to town with the intention of signing.  Busy as hell, and all good additions!

Then comes March 12th, today, and things still aren’t done!  The Eagles not only sign Thurmond, but also Dallas Cowboys running back, the 2014 yards league-leading DeMarco Murray, comes to town and signs a lucrative contract!!  As Murray’s car is tailed by media helicopters from the Philly airport to Eagles HQ, it gets reported that the Eagles are shopping around standout guard Evan Mathis!

Mayhem, absolute mayhem as an Eagles fan.  We don’t feel this is over yet, and we cover some of this on this episode of EaglesFanCast!

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Manning Head – EaglesFanCast 151

EaglesFanCast PodcastOur Philadelphia Eagles beat the Division rivals New York Giants, 36-21 on the road, then Tony Romo loses the game for the Dallas Cowboys against the Denver Broncos, and the Eagles sit atop the NFC East at 2-3.  Odd, huh?

What was great to see this week is how the Eagles played well against a bad team.  They did not play down to the Giants, instead, made a lot of good plays and more importantly did not let bad plays or execution set the tone thereafter.  We saw players make some great plays, and our backup quarterback come in and lead the Eagles to a win.

Michael Vick pulled a hamstring running out of bounds on a play, and backup Nick Foles came in to lead the Offense.  It appears that Vick will need to sit this week out against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well.  Foles will start and run the Offense for four full quarters, so the anticipation is high to see if he keeps his poise and executes as well as he did in New York.  Either way, the media and some fans are talking about the “quarterback controversy” in Philly… but we see none.  Vick is the team’s starter, and it is his job to lose.

Overall what we like to see is the Eagles improve as a team and individually week to week, as the players adjust to their positions, the schemes, and their weaknesses.  The last of the long road trip ends in Tampa Bay, and it is not an easy game by any means.  We will see a lot in this Eagles team, and how they play and are coached on Sunday.

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