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Vanilla – EaglesFanCast 130

Publication previewWe are back after an extended Summer break, and we couldn’t be more excited for the new Eagles season!  We catch up a bit, welcome in guest co-host Ryan Mains, and discuss what has been going on with the midnight green and silver.  As is typically the case as Training Camp winds down and we have our first pre-season game at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team shakes off some of the rust.  We saw some exciting play from Boykin and Foles, some sloppy Defensive tackling, Kafka out for a few weeks with a broken hand and the end of Training Camp.  The second pre-season game is on the road on Monday night against the New England Patriots.

No matter how the game went, and we believe we saw more good than bad… it’s the start of the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles season.  There are high expectations for this team again this year, and we have a lot to look forward to.

Something that is a must-read for every Eagles fan is the “Bleed Green’s 2012 Eagles Preview” put together by Cody Benjamin of Bleed Green.  There are a ton of contributors in this including Les Bowen, Tim McManus, Jason Brewer, Jeff Warner, Chuck Stanley (of EaglesFanCast, of course), Cody Benjamin, and more.  The magazine is available in both print and digital editions.  I highly recommend this!


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EaglesFanCast 67 – Raiders of the Lost Cause

The Philadelphia Eagles lose to the horrible Oakland Raiders in a game that pretty much everyone thought was a lock for a Win.  Almost every aspect of the team contributed to the embarrassment, from coaching, playcalling, tackling, passing, blocking and kicking.  We try to express some of what transpired since the game, what went wrong, and our concerns for the future.  Joining us this week is Cody Benjamin, from the Eagles fan blog, Bleed Green.

What we discussed:

  • Cody from Bleed Green joins us, and we ask him about his site
  • Who is to blame for this horrible loss? It might be easier to say who is not
  • Andy Reid shoulders the blame for this loss… no adjustments, and he was completely outcoached
  • Eagles trade with Rams at the deadline, picked up LB Will Witherspoon and sent them rookie WR Brandon Gibson
  • Donovan McNabb was under pressure all game, and he was too jumpy as a result
  • Stacy Andrews still looking tender, and may not be 100% for a while yet
  • email from Evan
  • email from Aussie Steve
  • email saying farewell to Trotter
  • email from Dr. Krug in Gettysburg
  • We are angry about this loss, and why?
  • We touch on what to be nervous about moving forward

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Notes on Our Show Tonight

What? Of course we’re still showing up after that dismal loss this week! It’s what we do, because we’re fans of this team through the ups and downs… and you listen to us for the same reason.

Actually, we have a lot more emails than usual, and that is what is going to drive our show tonight.  This loss sparked a lot of emotion from fans obviously, and many wrote in expressing their anger, frustration, rationalizations and analysis of what transpired on Sunday.  We’ll let you have your voice, that’s for sure.

Also joining us tonight will be Cody Benjamin, the Manager and main contributor to the Eagles fan website, Bleed Green.  Cody’s going to bring some of his insight to our discussion, and we welcome him!

Last week as you heard, we experimented with a live audio and chat room format so we could get some more feedback from our listeners. We did this also so you could hear some of the behind the scenes stuff before the show as we get ready to record, and after as I get ready to mix it all up into the podcast.  The chat room will be predominantly for you so you can comment as you listen, but we will also check in during the recording and see what you’re saying.  This is located at http://ustream.tv/channel/EaglesFanCast.  You can listen to us without an account, but to participate in the chat, you do need to register with UStream.

The nebulous time we will start the live stream tonight will be 8:30pm EST.  Pay attention to us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/EaglesFanCast) or on our Facebook fan page (http://facebook.com/EaglesFanCast) later tonight where we will let you know when we are about to go live.