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EaglesFanCast 77 – Blanked

The Philadelphia Eagles finish their regular season with an embarrassing loss to the Dallas Cowboys, 24-0. At stake for the Eagles was the number two seed, a potential home game, the East Division title, and pride. The loss in this case was a huge disappointment due to what appeared as a total breakdown on all sides of the ball and in coaching. It shook fans, as this is not what we expected, nor wanted, from a dominant team entering the playoffs, and now instilled quite a bit of doubt approaching our first playoff game, against the Dallas Cowboys.  Jason from Bleeding Green Nation joins Todd and Chuck this week for all the fun talk.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles fall apart and lose to the Dallas Cowboys, 24-0
  • Donovan McNabb’s play was awful this week
  • We break down the many ways we lost
  • What happened to coaching?
  • We play against the Cowboys this week and hope all aspects of the team are prepared
  • Emails from Dennis in Gettysburg, and Reverand Jim in Australia
  • Todd is all about the conspiracy theories this week
  • Eagles GM Tom Heckert interviewing (again) with other teams

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