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Eagles On The Net After Win Over Giants

There is a lot being written about our Philadelphia Eagles after their Playoff victory over the New York Giants yesterday.  From other Eagles bloggers, to news sites, below are some of those that I came across today.  All of a sudden there’s respect for the Eagles again.  We should have gained that respect back after the win over Dallas, not the win over the Giants.  In my humble opinion, the Giants were not the same team that they were when they clinched the NFC East.  It was all there, but no one paid attention.

This Eagles team is now playing at the level every fan KNEW they could play at.  This is why so many of us fans (including all three of us here on EFC) were calling for Andy Reid’s head earlier in the season.  THIS is what we expected from this talented group of players… and Reid changed that.

Programming Note: Because of scheduling conflicts -cough- Todd -cough- we won’t record Episode 49 until Wednesday evening.  So look for it late Wednesday or early Thursday morning.  I really wanted to do it last night, but getting all three of us together is not all that easy!  So please hang in there with us.

If you’ve found some other articles I’ve missed, I’d love to read them.  Enter them in a comment for the rest of us.

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Hard To Reid

Andy ReidI respect Andy Reid quite a lot.  I always have, and I’ve supported him and his decisions over the years.  He absolutely deserves the admiration and honors for what he has done for this Eagles organization and turning it around from what it was prior to the start of his tenure.
Andy Reid has taken my confidence as an Eagles fan from being “I think we may have a chance of winning this week!” level, to “We ARE going to win, and I expect nothing less!”  Is that new attitude one of grandiosity and Eagles self-absorption causing me to think that they owe me?  Absolutely not.  This new attitude is because he has established this Eagles team as one of the most intimidating and upper echelon teams in the NFL over the years, that garners respect each week.  It has become a confidence in the players’ abilities, their mental readiness, the coaches preparation and their tactical abilities.  Andy Reid built a system and massaged the personnel into becoming and maintaining the high level team that other NFL teams prepare for just a little bit differently.  I have always been a fan of his because of that near-impossible feat.
Unfortunately, Andy Reid has allowed the opposite to happen again.  At this point, there are a multitude of questions that have been, and need to be asked.  This post is just one man’s opinion, and as always, you’re free to participate by commenting or sending us an email.
I feel that we can eliminate the player talent pool from this equation.  This team has talented and quality players at almost every position.  Are there weaknesses or holes?  Definitely.  Do any of them destroy this team?  Definitely not.  The player with the highest profile on this team is of course the quarterback, Donovan McNabb.  He is the person, like on any team, who is under the most pressure and scrutiny than any other position.  By default he is the leader of the Offense, if not the entire team.  Is he the best?  I don’t think so, but I believe that he is better than 95% of the other quarterbacks out there, despite his subpar play lately.  He has the talent and intelligence to be one of the best in the NFL.  His fiasco with the media this past week on not knowing the rules of a tie game, to me, show what we have seen on the field for a portion of this season: lack of focus.  Yes, it is partly his fault (the lack of focus) but the main responsibility to get him, and every player, on track is coaching.  A veteran player of any level, from DeSean Jackson, to Kevin Kolb, to Donovan McNabb, to Brett Favre and Tom Brady, are all the same… they are players on a team.  They are all coached, and those coaches are supposed to do everything from nurture them, to help them focus, to teach and to guide every player.

The Eagles coaching staff are responsible for how each player, as part of the bigger team, performs each and every day, and each and every game.  Andy Reid, as the Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, is not just Donovan McNabb’s coach, he is personally responsible for each coach and each player as a result of his position.  After every game, Andy Reid sits down behind the microphone, whether it is win or loss, if he is asked about a negative aspect of that game, his response always falls to that he has to do a better job of managing the players or putting the players into a better position to turn that negative into a positive.  After a win, we blow that off as another “Reidism” and chuckle about it the following day.  After a loss, it angers us, and lately infuriates us because he is saying the same damn thing for the thousandth time.  Now, Reid doesn’t need to tell us anything.  He is required in his job description as a Head Coach in the NFL, to sit behind that microphone after each game.  At least that is my understanding.  So he sits there, vaguely answers the mostly-inane questions, and tells us little.  In all of those little press conferences for all these years, the ONLY thing we’ve learned about is injuries.  We do not know what Reid says in the locker room at Halftime, nor what is said on the sidelines, nor at practice.  So we interpret what we see from him, the other coaches, and the players.  We see the successes and failures, and read what we can into the production of this team, or lack thereof.

So approaching this game, we hear about how Reid went on a tirade at practice, trying to fire up his troops, throwing in threats about jobs no longer being secure.  I, for one, was happy that he actually did something and decided to rock the boat.  It gave me some hope that a new era in coaching was starting.  I figured if he addressed the players in this way, that he also addressed the rest of the coaching staff, and that he also looked in the mirror and dug down deep.  I hoped, and I believed again.  I expected more discipline going into Baltimore, I expected a change of tactic, I expected an energy and confidence.

I got it on Defense.

I did not get it from the Offense, nor from Andy Reid.

Donovan McNabb was again unsure to start the game.  That initial fumble was not his fault, but it got into his head.  You could see it.  Then he threw the first of two interceptions.  But how much help did he get?  His receivers could not get loose, the tight end was non-existent, the blocking was horrible, and most of the time McNabb was rushed.  Wait, wait… the icing on this cake?  The play calling was THE SAME!  Baltimore’s Defense was all over it, every damn play.  Hey, a third and short?  Pass.  Give your quarterback some confidence, change it up, make this Defense guess.
Then comes the beginning of the third quarter, and we see 2nd year quarterback Kevin Kolb come out there.  Andy Reid benches McNabb.  I’ve never been a McNabb basher, I’ve always liked him, but I liked this decision.  McNabb was now mentally a mess after last week’s performance and what he did in the first half.  I was all for letting him sit, breathe, reorganize himself, observe, then come back again next week.  It happens, and he needs a mental break.
But then I learned about HOW Reid benched McNabb.  He didn’t tell him.  Wait, wait, but he also didn’t tell his replacement?
This is how I pictured it in the locker room at the half: “Donovan, listen, you’ve had a tough two weeks.  You need a break.  Regroup now, and let’s finish this season on fire.  You can do this, I know it.  Right now you just need to take a seat.”  Then, “Kevin, I’m calling on you right now.  Get ready, in thirteen minutes you will go out of this locker room and lead this Offense.  Go get ready.  Warm up.  Talk to whoever you need to.  Turn this Offense around today, I know you can, now go.”

Am I just being idealistic?

Instead, Reid completely blindsides McNabb like some grammar school kid who was having an off day.  On top of it, he gave his second year quarterback absolutely NO preparation for what he was about to do.  None.  How can a coach on any level do that?  Not only did he send an unprepared player out on the field with an extremely uphill job to do, but he humiliated and probably killed all confidence in the leader of the team.  What kind of message did he really send to the team?  How much confidence did the rest of the team, both sides of the ball, lose in Head Coach Andy Reid after this move?  What kind of performance will he now get from players?

I’m absolutely amazed with what happened today.  Reid’s decision was one of the worst I’ve seen in a coach in this franchise… and that says a lot.

I cannot believe what has happened to this team.  Right now I have no hope for a turnaround.  I have no confidence in this coach.  It’s not just this loss.  Most of this post I had written during the week, but was not able to get it out there prior to the game.  As I started reading it after the game, I realized it was the same.  I think the only thing I would change is how I stated at the beginning how much I respect Andy Reid.  I’ve lost almost all of that now.  I know how that will change, but I do not think Reid can actually look into himself and make the change… so even that hope is not there.

I think that today has marked the beginning of some very dark times for this team.  Hell, I’m wrong quite often with this team and I really hope I am.  But as I see things now, what they now have to overcome is enormous.  I feel bad for McNabb at this juncture, and I’m going to hate to see him excel on another team.  But one thing is for sure in my mind… I no longer want Andy Reid as my Eagles coach.

A Championship is in Philadelphia

World Series Trophy Image courtesy of

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies, the fans and the City of Philadelphia!  The Phillies won the World Series last night, in front of the joyous and insane home crowd.

Even though we are a blog and podcast for the Philadelphia Eagles, most of our listeners are Phillies fans as well, and Eric, Todd and I share in the celebrations of our Champion Phillies.  It has been 28 years since the Phillies won a World Series, and 25 years since this city won a championship (the last being the 76ers in 1983).  A very long 100 seasons is behind us all.  This area can now celebrate, enjoy and relish this time.  We have the best fans anywhere, and it feels good, so very good.

So let’s take this time for the Phillies and enjoy the moment… then back to Eagles football.  A Champion has returned to Philadelphia!!

Image used with appreciation to

Congratulations to the Phillies!

EaglesFanCast would like to send out a huge congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies on winning the National League Pennant by beating the Los Angeles Dodgers!  The Phillies are going to the World Series for the first time since 1993.  Going back even further, I, for one, remember the 1980 NLCS and Series like it was yesterday, and this feels just like all those years ago.

This whole area is just ecstatic to see what this team accomplished this season, and how they’ve torn through the playoffs so far.  Relish these times, Phillies Phans, you all deserve it.  It’s going to be a great month for sports!

The Philadelphia Phillies are in the World Series!!

EFC Updates

What’s up Eagles fans!

I just wanted to give you an update as to what’s going on with us.

First, we’ll be recording our show next week, after the first preseason game. (Side note: I need to reiterate that last part – THE FIRST PRESEASON GAME!)  We’ve toyed with the idea of doing one for weeks, but let’s be honest, we’d pretty much be regurgitating what’s already coming out of the Eagles Training Camp notes.  News is light, and typical… the players arrived, they practice, a few get hurt, it’s hot, we’re going to the Super Bowl.  Same as every year.  So after the preseason opener we’ll have some meat to chew on, and can do a proper show.

Second, we’ve hosted some video clips from a great service called Redlasso in the past. Redlasso records, well pretty much everything on TV, and lets us bloggers create clips that we can show and comment on. It’s all pretty much considered “fair use” and allows us to editorialize the clips. Keep in mind, they’re not full shows, nor live, and don’t allow you to watch for hours on end. The clips are limited to ten minutes anyway. Unfortunately, the network boneheads don’t see it that way, and despite bloggers and Redlasso giving credit to the networks, the networks believe that they’re being ripped off. (This can be a huge discussion, and I’m not going to bore you with my extensive opinions on this matter here.) As such, two of the major networks, NBC Universal and Fox, are suing Redlasso for violating copyrights. Because of the legal issues, Redlasso has suspended it’s clipping service, and has halted serving the video clips.
We’ve used Redlasso on a few of our posts here, and it was to show you exactly what we were talking about at the time, as well as comment on the clips. Those posts will all stay, in case Redlasso gains the permission to once again supply the clips to us. Until that happens, those videos will simply show a “temporarily unavailable” message.  Sorry if it’s inconvenient, but it’s something that is out of our hands and we hope is fixed in the near future. I fully support the service Redlasso offers, and hope they can work this out without them becoming yet another casualty.

That’s about it for now. Our new show will be up early next week, and I’m going to be in Vegas for the New Media Expo (and mini vacation as well), so I won’t be at the first preseason game.  I’ll be connected, so I’ll get my updates, and Eric will be at the game, so we’ll be all set.

In the meantime, you can tell us what you think, of the game, the Training Camp, us, or whatever you want… our voicemail line is still (856) 335-3675, or send us an email to fans [at] anytime! Thanks, and here’s to the closing of a long off-season, E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!