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Thoughts on Vick in Eagles Green

Michael VickI wasn’t at the Eagles preseason game against the Patriots last night.  I traded my ticket to Eric for his tickets and snagged my other seatmate’s ticket for the Jags game on August 27th. Thanks Chris, you rock!  I’m not one for preseason games anyway… give me the games that mean something.  So it seemed more interesting at home anyway, last night.  The game announcers were lame, but I do like hearing Hugh Douglas any time.  Then, I get a phone call from Todd, which at the time, couldn’t answer.  A text message follows shortly reading, “We got Michael Vick!!!!!”  My response to him, as about half the text messages I receive from Todd are less than serious, was resounding laughter.  Here’s the transcript:

Todd: We got Michael Vick!!!!!
Chuck: LOLOL
Todd: Fkn seriously! On my kids.
Chuck: I hate you
Todd: Why?
Todd: I am sooooo not lying!!!!!!
Chuck: For me 2nd guessing my team for a second
Todd: You really do not believe!!!
Chuck: No
Todd: Really… Mortenson just said it ESP fkn N!!!!
Chuck: Holy f***ing sh**

A few things from this little exchange…

  1. Todd was very excited about this news
  2. I didn’t believe it at all
  3. This was the reaction, or close to it, that swept through Philadelphia and Eagles fans all over the world.

Shortly after, Todd called me, and Eric called me (who heard it on the concourse at The Linc), and I started receiving texts from others.  Oh word spread quickly. I jumped on twitter to see the live reactions and participate in the conversation.  At first it was all anger.  I saw messages from fans denouncing their fandom.  I saw people denouncing the Eagles, I saw people denouncing the NFL, and I saw a lot of hatred for Michael Vick.  At a few times during the night, “Vick”, “Eagles” and other variations were the top trending topics on twitter.  I don’t recall ever seeing a sports-related topic get in the top ten trends.  It was instant mania.  Fans of our show wrote me asking me for my opinion.  Last night I didn’t have a solid one.  I was still in shock, and I didn’t know how to think about the whole thing.  Hell, I had all my barbs lined up for whatever team DID sign Vick, to be honest.

The Eagles making this move never crossed my mind.  First of all, Andy Reid has built a team of character players, always has.  Owner Jeff Lurie even talked about team and player character a few weeks ago!  Second of all, I figured the quarterback scheme was set.  With Donovan McNabb as the solid starter, future wunderkind Kevin Kolb as his backup, and reserve A.J. Feeley as the third string, I honestly didn’t think that would be shaken up.  Granted I’m not happy with this quarterback setup, except for McNabb.  Personally, Kolb has not impressed me, but as Eric has pointed out before, he’s inexperienced, and has been thrown into bad situations.  Feeley is definitely the weakest link of the three, and has not shown anything worthwhile since the 2002 season.  So the Eagles management made the decision to bring Vick in, that task is now done.  We, as fans, have to move on and accept it.

The arguments on both sides last night ranged from “Vick’s a scumbag, and I’ve lost respect for the Eagles and I will not be a fan any more!” to “Vick has done his time in prison, he has publicly repented, and the ASPCA has even agreed to his NFL reinstatement.”

Right now I’m still sorting it all out.   I’m very curious to also hear what Eric and Todd have to say about this.  Should this be this big a deal?  Obviously the news media and fans think so.

What I want to know is, what do YOU think?  Let us know in the comments below, or send us an email, or call us on our voicemail line.  We do this show as fans, so we want to hear your voice especially.  Bring it!

EaglesFanCast 56 – Maclin and McCoy

We’re back a few days after the 2009 NFL Draft, and chatting again with Tommy Lawlor from The Scouts Notebook and We tap into Tommy’s vast scouting knowledge again and make some sense out of the last few hectic days.

What we discussed:

  • We talk about Tommy’s huge game-recording setup.
  • Draft talk.  It’s why we’re here again this week!
  • WR Jeremy Maclin is taken by the Eagles in the first round
  • RB LeSean McCoy is the Eagles second round pick
  • Is this Offense better than what was on the field in the NFC Championship?
  • Denver Broncos running back situation
  • Oakland Raiders draft of WR Darrius Heyward-Bey
  • TE Cornelius Ingram is grabbed in the fifth round
  • We talk about Sheldon Brown and signing the younger players to long term contracts
  • Email from Evan in Maryland talking about being impressed with the Eagles front office, and he wants Sheldon Brown gone
  • Tommy rounds out the rest of the Eagles Draft picks
  • Is our Defense better than the NFC Championship Eagles team?
  • We laugh a little bit at the Cowboys Draft day performance


Well, we’re waiting:

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Making The Big Game is Released

Back on the 43rd episode of our EaglesFanCast podcast, Eric and I talked with Jeff Fekete for a bit.  Jeff is the author of the book, Making the Big Game: Tales of an Accidental Spectator.  Well today, April 6th, Jeff’s book is finally out.

We’re very happy we were able to talk to Jeff about the book months before it’s release, and gained a little behind-the-scenes look at the author himself and what went into the story.  I had said at the time that I would let our listeners and readers know when it was going to be released, and this is it.

Congratulations, Jeff, we’re looking forward to reading it ourselves.

The book is being published through Two Harbors Press, and you can obtain the book in many ways (I’ve listed a few below.)  I noticed that you could also get a signed copy through the book’s website as well.

And They’re Off!

Literally, it seems, they’re off… off to a very questionable start.  Who?  Of course the Eagles front office and how they’re dealing with free agency.

Here’s the losses as of 7:00pm Friday (EST):



More than some questionable calls on this list, don’t you think?  Dawkins is no longer an Eagle… how does THAT feel?  I’m scratching my head, and hoping that they start to make some sense very very soon.  So with Andrews coming, that means we’ll say goodbye to Runyan soon as well.  Not sure about you, but this is starting out rather odd to me. Hope things improve, because right now, I’m extremely bummed about losing Dawkins.

We’ll see.

Rocca, Eagles Mania Down Under

These articles came in from Karen, originally from Pennsylvania, who is now living and working in Australia.  Karen saw the first article in the Australian newspaper, Herald Sun, and she was kind enough to scan it in and send them to us.  They are about Eagles punter Sav Rocca, and a bit of the hype going on back in his home country.  We can definitely attest to the hype on this end, and can see that they are excited Down Under to have one of their own on an NFL team surging towards the Super Bowl.

Just click on the articles to see the full scans.  We don’t get to see this kind of thing up here, so thank you very much Karen!

Sav Rocca from Herald Sun

Sav Rocca

By the way, just as a reminder, we won’t be recording our latest show until tomorrow night, Wednesday.  Sorry for the delay, but we just couldn’t schedule things for tonight.