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Football is BACK!

As reported from multiple sources, the NFL players and owners today agreed to the labor deal. Football is back, my friends, and today was just the beginning. From here until the season starts, I think we’re going to see a frantic NFL news feed, with teams scrambling to make the moves they feel necessary to finish building for the 2011-2012 season. Should be interesting in the next few weeks, to say the least.

On our end, we’re pulling the band back together to do a show either this week or next… then much more often as we get closer to the season itself. We miss talking about this team.  Football is back!

Letter from Philadelphia Eagles to Season Ticket Holders

I’m definitely curious as to what the other fans think about this situation so far.  Please let us know, we will be doing a show soon.
Below is the letter that was sent to Eagles season ticket holders.  The latest in the volley back and forth during the negotiations and the lockout.  From what I’m seeing and hearing so far from fans is that they are getting tired of both sides and want it to just move forward.  I don’t think the NFL is at the point of fans walking away, but that will start to happen in the next few months when the normal preseason activities don’t happen.
Dear [name removed]

We know you are interested in the status of our labor negotiations and preparations for the 2011 season. Having just returned from New Orleans earlier this week, we wanted to take a few moments to give you a report.

The focus was on football as well as the status of our efforts to reach a new collective bargaining agreement.

Football first: we had vigorous discussions on a range of football matters with special emphasis on player health and safety. We are, as you have read, moving the spot of kickoffs to the 35-yard line and allowing the kicking team only a 5-yard running start to the kickoff. We modified instant replay so that all scoring plays will be checked by the instant replay assistant in the booth and reviewed by the referee if necessary. We are also continuing to discuss how to best limit hits to the head and expand protection for players in a defenseless position. NFL football will remain a tough sport, but we are committed to making it safer and reducing injuries.

On collective bargaining, we reviewed the status of the union’s litigation as well as the current work stoppage. We want to assure you that we want this resolved. We believe we offered a fair proposal that would pay the players an estimated $19-20 billion over the next four years, 2 billion more than they made over the previous four. There would be no pay-cut for players, only a slowing in the growth rate of their compensation. The proposal included a wide range of other improvements for both current and retired players. Contrary to what you may have read, we offered to provide to a third-party accounting firm the 2005-2009 club-by-club operating profits, along with audited financial statements, so that the union would know the league’s profitability in those years and the number of clubs that have experienced declines in profits.

We are very disappointed that the players chose to not respond to this offer and instead, went to court.

We know that we will have a collective bargaining agreement with the players’ union at some point. Commissioner Goodell has called on the NFL Players Association to immediately resume negotiations. The owners support the Commissioner and are ready to meet at any time to come to an agreement. We have great respect for our players, admire what they do, and the sacrifices they make.

We will continue to keep you informed and we truly appreciate your support of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Jeffrey Lurie
Chairman & CEO
Joe Banner


Return of the Axe

Jeremiah Trotter back as an EagleThe Philadelphia Eagles today announced that they signed linebacker Jeremiah Trotter to a one-year deal.

This rumor of Trotter’s two workouts in Philly has had fans talking the past week, and now we will see The Axeman return to Eagles Green.  So does this mean that Trot’s just in great shape, the organization is seriously worried about the Defense, or some combination of both?

There is definitely mixed feelings on this signing, as Trotter was one of the fan favorites while he played for the Birds in his first stint, yet his age and aged knees are a cause for concern. With the BYE this week, he’ll have some time to work out with the team and possibly be ready for the Tampa Bay game.

Quarterback Jeff Garcia was let go to make room for this roster move.

We’ll talk about this and what it means to the team on tonight’s show.  You want in?  You can send an email (fans [at] or call our voicemail line: (856) 335-3675.

Breaking: Shawn Andrews Placed on IR

According to the Philadelphia Eagles website, tackle Shawn Andrews was placed on Injured Reserve today, thus ending his 2009 season that never began.  Now there’s room for Eagles new/returning quarterback Jeff Garcia on the roster… at least for a couple of weeks.  Andrews appeared ready for the season, and talked it up in the weeks leading up to the opener against Carolina.  Unfortunately it appears the recurring back issues were worse than thought.  Now the Eagles have to figure out what to do yet again to fill in his shoes.

This has to bring up the questions (again) as to how long the Eagles will carry Andrews, and if this is his last mention as an Eagle until we hear that he is cut.  With repeated back and other issues on his resume as an Eagle, and the high priority of protecting your quarterback, the Eagles have to analyze what is at their disposal.  Do they have the confidence in Winston Justice to get the job done the entire season?  How can the Eagles continue to carry a player that has played only two games in two seasons?

EaglesFanCast 59 – Big Fan Interview

Big Fan MovieA slight divergence from the normal EaglesFanCast podcast you all have come to expect. Hope you don’t mind!

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Robert Siegel, the Writer and Director of the new movie Big Fan, which will be hitting theaters in limited release only in New York and Philadelphia on Friday, August 28th. In Philadelphia it will be playing at the Landmark Ritz at the Bourse, definitely go see it. Check the movie website for more cities and release dates.

Eric and I had a good time talking with Robert and learned more about this drama, his take on the characters, and how a New York sports bar was transformed into a Philly sports bar. Listen in, and if you go to see it, please let us know what you think!

Find out more about Big Fan at the movie’s official website.

We will be back again next week and talk about Michael Vick’s game debut for the Eagles after he plays in the preseason Jacksonville Jaguars game in Philly. Since he and Donovan McNabb are slated to play the first three quarters, we won’t have to wait for the regular season to find out how Coach Andy Reid plans to utilize Vick’s talents in our Offense.

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Patton Oswalt in Big Fan