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Two Years of EaglesFanCast

EaglesFanCast and Eagles CheerleadersHello Eagles Fans!! Today marks two years that EaglesFanCast has been on the RSS airwaves. Back then, three naive Eagles dorks sat down in front of microphones from their homes and talked about the team they love. Today, those same three dorks pretty much do the same thing. Only now, we have people listening! This past year we gained a whole lot of listeners, from all over the world. We’ve gained some friends out of this experience, and look forward to this coming year.

Thanks for sticking with us through the good times and the bad times of our beloved Eagles. As our loyal listeners know, Eric, Todd and I wear our hearts on our sleeves week in and week out, and you can hear our elation and joy, as well as our pain and frustration. We’re entering another exciting year of the podcast with a lot of promise, just like the Eagles.
A special thanks to Jason from Bleeding Green Nation, Tommy Lawlor from Fan-Demonium, and author Jeff Fekete for being on our shows this past year. Also, a huge thanks to all of our listeners, and especially those of you that participate by sending us emails, calling our voicemail line, leaving comments on the blog, and for leaving ratings and reviews in iTunes… that helps us be seen by more Eagles fans out there.

The photo is of Eric (left) and Chuck with a few of the very lovely Eagles Cheerleaders that were at Eagles Flight Night at Lincoln Financial Field this past Sunday evening. Todd found it more important to stay in California instead of flying East for the night, but obviously he’s the fool.

Well we’ll be back again next week with another show where we’ll talk about the latest Eagles news, such as the loss of Stewart Bradley, Juqua Parker’s arrest, Shawn Andrews’ injuries, Eagles Flight Night, and other preseason Eagles topics.  We’re looking forward to it.  Thanks again, you rock!

Ready For A New Season


Hey Eagles Fans!

I really hope you’re having a great Summer… and for our Aussie fans, a great Winter!

Eric, Todd and I have been on an extended break for the past few months as you may have noticed.  Or maybe you haven’t.  LOL  There have been vacations, family things, new projects, business trips and more.  But let’s face the truth here, this off-season has been one of very light news since the draft.  On our draft shows, we covered pretty much everything that needed to be covered at the time.  I’m not one to put a show out there just for the hell of it.  I want to bring you something of substance.  Well I guess that’s debatable with some of our shows.

I do want to thank those that wrote us emails and called our voicemail line asking if we were still alive.  We most certainly are, and are planning another season of fun and honest Eagles talk.  We’re also going to have a few more guests on our show, will try to do at least one tailgate thing if you’re out there, and will try to do some segments from other locations, like the upcoming Eagles Flight Night.

On that note, we will be getting together next week to talk about our favorite NFL team.  As the season gets closer, we’ll be getting closer to doing it weekly again, and will bring you as much as we can during the season, for good and bad.  We’re psyched, how about you?  Give us some feedback for our first show in either email or voicemail.  Check the upper right of our site for the email and phone number.  I’ve also added a convenient link there and Google will automatically connect you to us for free.

So thanks for hanging in there with us, and we’ll be talking soon!

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Westbrook out, Curtis in vs Redskins

According to a VERY well-informed source within the Eagles organization, RB Brian Westbrook is still having significant pain when trying to cut side-to-side, and will not dress for the Eagles game this Sunday against the hated Redskins.  But, according to the same source, WR Kevin Curtis should be available to see his first game action of the year.  All I can say is, if you have QB Donovan McNabb in a Fantasy league, start him (like you wouldn’t anyway).  Without Westbrook, and with Curtis, Reggie Brown, Hank Baskett, Jason Avant AND DeSean Jackson running routes, the Birds might, MIGHT call 10 rushing plays this week total.

Please continue to check back with us for updates as we continue to break this story to Eagles Nation.

Episode 30 – All About Coaching

Show Notes: Episode 30 for Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We hit the last “real” game of the preseason where we see a good number of the starters before the official kick-off to the 2008 season. The boys of Green played the New England Patriots, and despite it being a preseason game, we’re all excited for what we saw, and cannot wait for the season to finally start!

What we discussed:

  • Philadelphia Eagles played the New England Patriots in the third preseason game
  • The Eagles team really impressed us on Offense, Defense, and dare I say, Special Teams
  • Our QB Donovan McNabb on the regional cover of Sports Illustrated NFL Preview – jinx?
  • We had a twitter request before the show to talk about our running backs in the Patriots game
  • Eric is excited!
  • Position competitions and who might be cut
  • Talk about how the new return game could change things, and how teams approach kickoffs/punts
  • We have a voicemail from Scott which addressed Donovan McNabb, our Offensive Line, DeSean Jackson, and, well, the Eagles Cheerleaders
  • Tailgate plans for the opener and the season
  • Fourth preseason game with the New York Jets coming into town Thursday evening

Email: fans [at]

Voicemail Line: 1(856)335-3675