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Happy Birthday to US

Three short (or long, depending on who you talk to) years ago, three guys decided to start podcasting about their mutual, intense passion.  No, not skateboarding in traffic wearing nothing but banana hammocks.  (That doesn’t translate well to audio, after all.)  No, podcasting about our passion and love of the Philadelphia Eagles.

In three years we’ve recorded 85 episodes, and talked with some of the best Eagles fans out there.  We have laughed, cried and raged about our beloved Midnight Green and Silver Birds.  We talked to an author, a movie writer and were interviewed by NPR.

Most importantly, we’ve made some friends along the way from all over the world.  We’ve read your emails, listened to your voicemails, and even a couple of you have joined us as writers for this site.  We have talked with you on twitter and facebook, met up with others at Eagles tailgates, and have been amazed at the support we get just for talking about this team.

We do this for the fun of it, but what keeps us going is the feedback we get from all of you plus knowing that others relate to what we are saying and how we are feeling.  We love the feedback you give to us, and the fact that we have people show up in the chat room when we record live.  It’s awesome.

I’ve talked with Eric and Todd about the show on multiple occasions, and there is no sign in any of us that we will stop doing this any time soon.  We have too much fun, plain and simple.  Now we head toward a new Eagles season, and there is more excitement than there has been in years!  The optimism may not be there in full from Eagles fans, but the excitement sure is, and we can’t wait to see what this team has in store for all of us.

So tell us how we’re doing, keep the feedback coming, be a part of our show in ANY of the many ways you can.  Let your voice be heard and show us your Philadelphia Eagles passion.


Photo courtesy of thedumper.

EaglesFanCast Is Back!

Your EaglesFanCast HostsAfter a Summer of vacations, conflicts and technical issues… Eric, Todd and Chuck climb out of the sweltering heat to talk about our first love, The Eagles (our wives won’t read this anyway). With the team starting up Training Camp this week, we will start to see how things are going to look for our reconfigured 2010 Philadelphia Eagles. Hopefully this year will start off better than 2009 did, and the transition from McNabb to Kolb will be solid.

We plan to also record the show live on ustream, so join us in the chat room tonight at this address –  Check our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for the exact time that we will start (somewhere around 8:30pm EDT).

The podcast will be posted a few hours later once it’s all been put together. I’ll let you know in the usual locations.

See you tonight!

New EaglesFanCast Logo

We are thrilled to release our new logo for EaglesFanCast today! As I wrote about a few weeks ago, we are making changes to what EaglesFanCast is. We have already added on two new blog contributors, Holden and Steve, and one more that our podcast listeners will be familiar with very soon. They are excited to be part of EFC, and we could not be happier to have them involved.

The second thing that is happening is our new logo.  We loved the old one and it served us well for the first couple years, but it was looking dated and was in need of a makeover.  The original logo encompassed the helmet and the media player that symbolizes only a small part of what this new media space is.  We felt that moving forward with a completely new design would embody a unique style all our own.

Paul Muller, the man behind Puzzle Piece Productions, is a fellow podcaster, is out of Philadelphia and is, of course, a big Eagles fan.  I worked closely with Paul to bring this new design together, and he both spearheaded the concept based on the sketches I envisioned and supplied, and ran with it, developing a completely new look.  He was both patient and accommodating with my many changes and tweaks, and didn’t complain once!  LOL  I want to thank Paul for an amazing job, and we are psyched to finally show it off.

Besides the logo you see above, which will be for the overall EFC presence, there will be a secondary logo, shown at the right.  This will be used specifically for our podcast. This logo will be part of any of the sites and locations that are specific to the podcast show itself, such as on the iTunes Store, Zune Marketplace, TPS Radio, and any podcast directories we are listed in such as blubrry or Podcast Alley.

So tell us what you think!  If you like it, please also go visit Paul at his site, especially if you know of someone that needs logo and graphics work done.  Obviously he does a great job.

Farewell Brian Westbrook

I can’t say I was overly surprised that Brian Westbrook was released by the Eagles this week. Maybe it would have been more of a shock if Brian Dawkins hadn’t left for Denver last year, but Andy Reid showed then that he won’t allow sentiment to interfere with his vision of a winning formula.

The word ‘legend’ is thrown about all too casually these days, but can anyone argue that Brian doesn’t deserve this accolade? No Eagle has ever gained more yards from scrimmage than he has and his eight years with the team have largely been successful, with only one losing season in that time.

Even legends have to call it a day eventually; that includes Brett Favre at some point too! The cost of keeping Westbrook for another season would have been a gamble after his ankle injury and, of course, the two concussions.

I believe that the Eagles’ roster over the past eight years has been one of, if not the strongest, not to have won a Super Bowl. This is highlighted when you compare Brian’s stats with the Super Bowl winning running backs of his time. I’ve identified the highest ranked running back of each Super Bowl winning team over the past eight years (regular season only) and compared them with Brian’s achievements.

Brian averaged 4.6 yards per rush during his eight years against the Super Bowl winner’s average of 4.4 yards. His receiving yardage averaged 8.8 against 7.7. He scored an average of 8.2 touchdowns per season and the running back of the Super Bowl winners only managed 6.2. Perhaps most impressive of all though, is Brian’s ball security. In eight years he lost the ball nine times. NINE times in EIGHT years!

Will Brian Westbrook win the Super Bowl ring he so clearly deserves? Well, if the Eagles don’t win in 2010, then I sincerely hope so. My only reservation with that is he hasn’t ruled out playing for another NFC East team. Pleeeaaase not Dallas!

Andy Reid was asked during the Westbrook press conference if he’s short of leaders on offense. He reminded the reporters present that he still has Donovan McNabb as quarterback, but with Dawkins and now Westbrook gone is the time for another change upon us?

Cheers from the UK and GO BIRDS!

Greetings From Across The Pond!

Hello Eagles fans in Philadelphia and all around the world. My name’s Steve Brown and I’m delighted to be able to introduce myself as the latest contributor to EaglesFanCast.

I’ve been following the Birds since 1989 when the team traveled to London for a pre-season exhibition game against the Cleveland Browns. At that time, us Brits couldn’t enjoy more than an hour of NFL TV coverage every week and the only way to learn the game was from paperback books which took a great deal of patience!

Thankfully, the advent of the internet has revolutionised the NFL for fans abroad. We can keep right up to date with all the latest news via various websites and, of course, blogs and podcasts. We can also watch every Eagles game online, though it does sometimes require staying up all night because of the time difference!

I was lucky enough to witness the Eagles victory at the Meadowlands in 2001 as well as all three NFL International Series games at Wembley. I’m especially looking forward to Brian Dawkins’ trip over here in October when the Broncos take on the 49ers. Hopefully, a trip to the Linc isn’t too far away. I managed to take in a Phillies game last summer, but it can’t compare to the atmosphere across the street, surely?!

I’d like to thank Chuck, Eric and Todd for this fantastic opportunity. I’m a bit of a stats geek and I love to discover interesting tidbits which now I’ll be able to share with all of you.

Cheers from the UK and GO BIRDS!