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Episode 1 – The State of the Team

EaglesFanCast Episode 1 for August 7, 2007

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  • Introductions to your hosts
  • Tailgating in Philly and elsewhere
  • Craziest events we’ve witnessed
  • Best safeties
  • Lurie and his “State of the Team” address
  • Player talk: trades, Defense, Garcia, McNabb, Gocong, Kearse

Email us at “fans [ AT ] eaglesfancast [ DOT ] net”


On the Eve…

Well here we are.

Less than 24 hours until the EaglesFanCast netcast officially takes on the world. After months of configurations, registrations, preparations and hyperventilations, we’ve got GO status from Mission Control. We will be recording our first official (there were a few tests) podcast tomorrow evening (Tuesday, August 7th). In theory, it will be available for download somewhere after 10pm Eastern Time.

All three of us (myself, Eric and Todd) are ready and psyched. It’s going to be a lot of fun for us.

Here’s some info about what it is…

  • A 30-60 minute podcast, produced weekly
  • Recordings will be on Tuesday evenings, so it will be available late Tuesday, or sometime Wednesday
  • We are NOT affiliated with the Philadelphia Eagles football team, we just love everything about them
  • This website/blog is where we will be updating our listeners on the latest podcast with that episode’s show notes and links.
  • This blog will also serve as a quick way for all three of us to communicate anything we want to you between shows.
  • We have an email set up for you to contact us: [email protected] So send us comments, suggestions, or your opinions on anything Eagles, and we may read it on the air… on a side note, feel free to send an audio comment to the same email address, and that too may be played on the air.
  • You can subscribe to the podcast via the Podcast RSS link to the right, or do a search in iTunes for us, and click “Subscribe”. Any other podcatching software (like Juice), you can copy the feed’s address in the link and paste it into the subscriptions section of that software. The link is,
  • You can also subscribe to this particular blog, as we do intend to post things other than just the podcasts’ show notes. That link is at the bottom of the page, in either RSS or an Atom feed link.

Well let’s get this thing started… tomorrow night. It’s on!