Eagles Super Bowl Week – EaglesFanCast 235

This is the week. This is what we have waited for. This is what the team worked for. This is the outcome of the #1 seed in the NFC. This is what they overcame to beat the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings.

The Super Bowl.

The Eagles and Patriots are in Minneapolis now. The opening ceremony, of sorts, kicked off yesterday. Then the excitement started. Our co-host Steve is going to the game, leaving Thursday. Todd and Chuck are staying at home, or watching with friends. Eagles fans are flying into Minneapolis or Philadelphia from all over the world to just be near when it happens.

We are just days away now.


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2 thoughts on “Eagles Super Bowl Week – EaglesFanCast 235”

  1. Fly Eagles Fly! Shout out to the Eagles Fan Cast team on the eve of Super Bowl LII. It has been ten years since my “accidental spectator” experience was chronicled on your podcast following publication of my book “Making The Big Game: Tales of an Accidental Spectator. The audio of that original December 2008 interview and the :30 second book promo are now posted on my Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/effekete

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