Divisional Playoff Game Underdogs – EaglesFanCast 232

Here we go, the playoffs. Home game. The Atlanta Falcons. The Eagles fans will be ready in Lincoln Financial Field.

The Eagles are the underdogs?

Yes, yes they are. For the first time in recent memory, the number one seed in the NFC, playing at home, are the underdogs.

This underlines the fact that no other team, right now, respects the Eagles, or what they have done this season. The rest of the league now believes that the Eagles were no more than our injured quarterback Carson Wentz.

They forget that the Eagles Defense was 4th in the league in total yards per game, 1st in the league in total yards per game, and the takeaway ratio is near the top.

Our Offense? Third in the league in rushing yards per game, and still 13th in the league in passing despite Carson going down. Total Offense yards per game? Seventh. This team is solid.

There are three factors in this game: 1. Nick Foles, which Nick shows up? 2. Offensive line protection for Foles. 3. A Defensive attack that stops the run and harasses Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

Either way, we want to see a good game, a fun game.

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