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Philadelphia Eagles defeat the Oakland Raiders in an ugly game in a cold Philly. Eagles clinch the number one seed in the NFC with the win and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

So how do we feel? Anything but jubilant. We feel cautious, nervous, scared, irritated, and, well, pessimistic.

The Defense, while essentially winning the game, allowed big plays and executed poor tackling at times. And on Offense? Nick Foles was not the same player that he was the week before against the Giants. He got into trouble where he didn’t need to be, and was inaccurate on passes way more often than we would have liked.

As such, there is a real concern about the playoffs. Can Foles read and deal with the pressure of better Defenses? Can quality quarterbacks shred our Defense?

Many more questions than we are comfortable with for a 13-2 team with home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Well one more game of the regular season is in front of us, the Dallas Cowboys. This game means nothing. But Foles needs more chemistry and familiarity with his receivers, tight ends, and backs. Will be interesting to see what the coaches decide.

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2 thoughts on “Home Field Advantage – EaglesFanCast 230”

  1. Does it not bother you that you support fans that are animals and not humans. I live in Florida and all I’ve heard from the Midwest fans are how the Eagles fans are the most uncivilized uneducated moronic people in the US.

    It’s a shame that you can’t enjoy sports and watch your team play without being threatened or assaulted by demonic donkeys. Eagle fans are true cowards. They have to fight in packs simply knowing one-on-one they would be quickly eliminated. I’m sorry but it’s pathetic!!!!

    1. Interesting that you state your opinion without experiencing it first hand, and then take the aggressor role in calling names repeatedly in your comment. Guess that shows how you view things, and are just doing this to incite something. Isn’t that what you are supposedly condemning in your comment?
      I’ve been going to games in person for many years in Philadelphia and have encountered or seen almost nothing but positive interactions between Eagles fans and opposing fans. Sat next to a Falcons fan just this past week, and he was not in any way harassed. This is, of course, an isolated example. Saw plenty of other Falcons fans and saw no one treated poorly. Unless people booing you affects your ego, of course.
      Sure, you get the occasional drunkards, or idiots that decide to go after someone else, but that happens everywhere, and I have seen that. Watch any local news station, and you will see that, even in Florida. Those fools are removed from the stadium immediately, as they should be.
      From my own point of view, I’ve been to several stadiums over the years, and have been threatened in Pittsburgh and Dallas, and left to my own fanhood in other stadiums without incident. Do I put a blanket of “animals” over Steelers or Cowboys fans? No, because that would be ludicrous.
      I think if you made the trip yourself to see, you’d be surprised at how this “bad reputation” is nothing but that, a reputation in a negative way. Eagles fans are intelligent fans, love the sport, and the team, it’s that simple. Not sure how living “in Florida” and “all you’ve heard from the Midwest fans” gives you any authority on this. But hey, to each his (or her) own. Enjoy the games this weekend!

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