Banged Up – EaglesFanCast 212

The Washington Redskins come to Philly, and hand the Eagles a 27-22 loss. Several players left the game with injuries or cheap shots, and a few of those players are now on Injured Reserve. Overall it was not a bad or ugly loss for the Eagles, but it marked a point in yet another Divisional loss that pretty much seals this team’s season as a big loss.

We discuss many aspects of where the team is at this point, and a little of our disappointments in the team’s place in the season. They are rebuilding, that is the case, and we’ve known that for a while now. And the opinions are definitely split on the team as a whole; whether they are just bad all around with a good quarterback, or whether there is a base with several gaps to fill. Yes we are at that point in the season now, where we start looking forward to the future of the organization, and where the management can take us… eventually.

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