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The Philadelphia Eagles execute their worst game of the season at the most inopportune time this week, losing to the Cincinnati Bengals 32-14.

Eagles fans are angry and extremely disappointed with this loss, for very good reasons. Quarterback Carson Wentz played poorly, the Defense was horrible, the running game was practically non-existent, players were repeatedly undisciplined, play-calling was more than suspect, and even special teams had a few flubs.

That’s led to many questions about what happened to the Eagles as the season has gone on, and rightfully so… how can a team that has performed well just start to crumble? Sure some of it falls on the coaches, but some of it also comes from talent. We all know the Eagles as a whole are better than they were last year. We also talked about how the 2016 season was going to be a rebuilding year, THEN the rookie quarterback is made the starter, so we did not expect much at all in the season. But then the rookie is good. They beat some teams we thought were much better, and hope blossomed.

But the hopes are dashed when reality comes knocking again, and people call for the coach to be fired, there’s talk about all of Wentz’s problems with his passing delivery, and the Defense is just poor. We talk about all of these things on the show, and then of course the Redskins drive on up to Philly this week for an NFC East game that no longer means a damn thing to Eagles fans, other than some pride.

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