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EaglesFanCast PodcastThe Philadelphia Eagles win in an exciting home game against the Atlanta Falcons, 24-15. This is the fourth home win this season, where the Birds are undefeated. This week the Eagles fans were crazy loud, and unbelievably quiet when the Eagles Offense was on the field. Such an amazing and smart fan base. Love it.

The Eagles run game was on fire this week, and Ryan Mathews was the star of that game, with 109 yards on the ground with two touchdowns. Overall the Eagles runners were all in play as it helped the Eagles struggling receivers, and Carson Wentz, in a huge way. It was an excellent game plan, and executed in a great way against a very good Falcons Defense.

Speaking of Defense, the Eagles D did an excellent job keeping a Falcons Offense with plenty of weapons for QB Matt Ryan both off the field and out of the end zone, allowing just the one Falcons TD.

This was yet another positive thing for our rookie QB, as he was able to help overcome a fourth quarter deficit and come back and win the game. Exciting and fun game all around, and just another positive that makes us look forward to the future of this team.

This coming week the Eagles travel to Seattle to take on one of the best teams in the league in a very hostile road game. On paper, the Eagles seem to have little shot in this one, but we have seen some very exciting, and surprising things from this team this season. Any given Sunday is the saying, right? Surely this will be another exciting game for Eagles fans.

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One thought on “Eagle Talons – EaglesFanCast 208”

  1. Eagles week 11-Eagles wideout and secondary suck Ball, if u not doing ur job is time is time to let them go and pick someone who will get the job done!
    On offense “WR”No playmakers all below average drop pass butterfingers players WaCK!!
    Not going anywhere with that squad, last place 0-3 in our division.

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