Clumsy Birds – EaglesFanCast 209

EaglesFanCast PodcastThe Seattle Seahawks host the Philadelphia Eagles on a rainy Sunday evening, and it does not turn out well for our boys in midnight green and silver. The Birds drop the game 26-15. We use the term “drop” because that is what the main highlight of the Eagles game and season has been… DROPS! The main scapegoat of the Seahawks loss this week was Nelson Agholor, who dropped a few passes, and also committed a bad penalty that negated a huge reception for a touchdown by Zach Ertz. That score would have given the Eagles a 1-point lead, but instead, they had to punt, and was the catalyst in the eventual demise by the Eagles.

Very frustrating all around, when you are playing one of the best teams in the league, in their home. The Eagles hung with them from a distance, and there was a feeling for most of the game that there was still a shot, but Seattle did what they needed to do to keep the Eagles down. In the process, both Darren Sproles, Ryan Mathews, Connor Barwin, and Leodis McKelvin were injured, and Vaitai (Lane Johnson’s backup) is likely out several weeks. Scary times for the Eagles.

This coming week the Eagles are back home at Lincoln Financial Field, and host the Green Bay Packers and an always-dangerous Aaron Rodgers. A lot of this game will be who on the Eagles are healthy enough to play, in addition to what Offensive scheme Doug Pederson can come up with to pump up a deflated Eagle Offense.

To all of our listeners celebrating the holiday, have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are extremely thankful for all of you that have been listening, writing, and calling in over these past nine years. We do this for you every week, so thank you.

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