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The new Philadelphia Eagles make their debut hosting the Cleveland Browns, with new head coach Doug Pederson, new coaching staff, several new players on all sides of the ball, and our new rookie quarterback, Carson Wentz.

This is what many fans wanted to see, and none of us were disappointed. In interviews through the preseason, and analysts’ evaluations, it has been nothing but positive outlooks for Wentz developing into a quality quarterback. His debut was fantastic. Stats aside, he ran the Eagles Offense like a veteran would. He was confident, aware of his surroundings, and never seemed to panic. Yes, this was against the Cleveland Browns, one of the worst Defenses (and teams) that the Eagles will meet this season, and we have no delusions that the Eagles are a playoff team. This game was about our new coach, and new quarterback. This game was about getting Wentz out there in a stressed, real situation behind his Offensive Line. This was about new Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz and his revamped Defense. And this was about Doug Pederson, and how he was able to bring together his staff and team and start a new season with hope for the future.

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2 thoughts on “On the Wentz Wagon – EaglesFanCast 200”

  1. Glad you guys are back! Honestly, one of my top 5 podcasts. Eagles fan born and raised in Oceanside, Ca. Can’t wait to hear more from you guys this season. No more Sammy fucking sleeves!

  2. heyyyy yeah! truly international..(best regards from switzerland!) listening since Kelly got fired (jooohhn gruuuden said the guy in california… like ten times.. loved it) and stayin on! eagles fan since 2003. keep on doin what u do! thanks!

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