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Our Philadelphia Eagles go into AT&T Stadium down in Dallas for a Sunday Night football game against the Cowboys.  The first half is not that fun to watch with neither team able to settle and play good football, and the first half ends in a 7-7 tie.  The second half turns into a battle, with each team scoring 20 points, eventually pushing into overtime.  The Birds get the ball to start OT and drive down the field.  Sam Bradford connected with Jordan Matthews for a 41 yard reception for a touchdown and the win!

EFCtxtMany things looked better for our Offense this week, with Sam Bradford looking more confident, less dropped passes, good yards after the catch, and much improvement in the running game.  First downs helped keep the Cowboys Defense on the field, and eventually tiring them down. They are building into the Eagles Offense we expected, and will need the rest of the season to dig out of the hole they are in.

This week the Eagles come home and the Dolphins step into the Linc Sunday.  Miami is also struggling, and other than the Patriots, they are also fighting for something in their Division. We all know what the NFC East looks like right now, and the Eagles scored some serious confidence this past week, and can take it forward into this week and build upon it.

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