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The Philadelphia Eagles lose to the undefeated Carolina Panthers down in Carolina 27-16. With the Giants winning over the Cowboys the Giants move into first place, and the Eagles have to sit with this loss for the next two weeks, as this coming week is a much-needed BYE.  Quarterback Sam Bradford had a better day and looked more confident, but this week’s Offensive woes came with the dropped passes, seven of them.  It was a horribly-played game for our receivers, and that seemed to be the main reason this game was lost.

The Eagles Defense grabbed three interceptions from Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, and had pressure for most of the day. But the Eagles Offense just struggled, made mistakes, could not get separation, and dropped passes. Running back Ryan Matthews was one of the standouts on the day, rushing for 97 yards, 63 of which was a long touchdown run.  DeMarco Murray added on another 65 yards in the game.

Chip Kelly, Eagles receivers, DeMarco Murray, and Sam Bradford are still under fire for under-performing.  Well they have two weeks to think about things as this coming week is the BYE, then we have the Dallas Cowboys.  Tommy Lawlor joins us to chat about where the season is, where the personnel are, and what we can expect, or hope to expect.

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