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The Dallas Cowboys came into Philly, and on a nationally-televised Sunday night game, trashed the Eagles in front of a stunned crowd at The Linc.  We not only saw the Eagles first home loss of the season, but we also so the NFC East race become much much longer.  With their win, the Cowboys took hold of first place in the Division, and all of a sudden the Eagles volatile season is in jeopardy.  Inconsistency and turnovers did the Birds in this game, and the Cowboys just didn’t make enough mistakes to keep the Eagles in the game.

Now we have to hope in another Cowboys loss, either to the Colts this week, or the Redskins in Week 17, and the Eagles have to beat both the Redskins this week, and the Giants in the last week of the season.  There are other scenarios that are possible for the Eagles to win the Division, but this first would be ideal.  Either way, the Eagles are not in control of their own playoff hunt.  The sad part is the Eagles could end the season with a very impressive 11-5 season, and still miss the playoffs.

We break all of this down, and more, with the always-brilliant Tommy Lawlor, who sat down and we talked about the state of the Eagles at this late juncture of the season.

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