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The Eagles come off their big win in Big D and laid an egg at The Linc in Philadelphia.  Our Birds lost to the Seattle Seahawks Sunday afternoon 24-14 in front of a stunned home crowd.  The fans were loud, but it wasn’t what our Offense needed in the game, which was essentially flacid on the day.  The Eagles put up a horrid 139 yards of total yards on the day, converting only two 3rd downs, and only getting nine 1st downs.  They couldn’t get anything going, and quarterback Mark Sanchez threw for only 96 yards.

It was a performance that has left a number of fans and sports analysts now questioning how good this Eagles team really is.  They have all of their games to teams with winning records in the playoff hunt, not a good place to be approaching a playoff possibility.

The Eagles Defense played well, but when your Offense doesn’t put in what is needed… points, yards, clock… it cannot sustain.  The Seahawks Defense was good all day, and they played like the champions they are.

The bright spot on the day was LeSean McCoy, who broke Wilbert Montgomery’s all-time rushing record as an Eagle.  Congratulations to Shady!

Next up on the list is again the Dallas Cowboys.  The two NFC East Division rivals meet for the second time in three weeks, this time in Philadelphia for a Sunday night matchup.  After the Eagles embarrassed the Cowboys in Dallas, and with the Division on the line, this game is setting up to be a classic.  For both teams, this win is crucial with the Division, and most likely the playoffs, on the line.  It is Dallas Week again, Eagles Fans!  This time we’re home, and we’ll welcome the Cowboys to town appropriately.

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