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The Philadelphia Eagles lose to the Washington Redskins, and losing any possible opportunity for a playoff spot, but end on a high note, defeating the New York Giants, and completing a sweep of our NFC East rival, and ending the season with a 10-6 record.

For most Eagles fans, the game was bittersweet, as despite it always being fun to beat a Division rival (let alone sweep them), it ended a season where ten wins did not get you into the playoffs.  We now have to watch the Cowboys take their turn, and wait eight months to see our Eagles play again.  The end of a season is always a sad time, but it is made even more sad when our hopes were so high so late in the season, only to have them taken away.

Despite how the December games went, Eagles fans should have high hopes going into the off season.  This is a good team, with a good coaching staff, and players that want to play for the Eagles and nowhere else.  They are growing together, and players that were hit with devastating injuries will be healthy again next season.  With a few personnel moves by the organization, our Eagles could very well be back in the playoffs in 2015 with a damn good shot at it all.

Thank you to everyone for a great season!

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