Finish It – EaglesFanCast 162

EaglesFanCast PodcastWe talked last week after the loss to the Vikings that it was a gut check, and we had confidence that the Philadelphia Eagles would overcome and play hard against the Chicago Bears when they came to Philly on Sunday Night Football.  We were right, in a huge way.  Earlier in the day, the Washington Redskins had the opportunity to beat the Cowboys, and the Eagles could have won the NFC East with a win at home against the Bears.  It did not happen, and the Eagles game meant much less.  On the other hand, the Bears were playing for something.  What resulted was a solid, old-school thrashing with the Eagles coming out on top, 54-11.  All sides of the ball were in top form, and a message was sent to the NFL that the Eagles mean business, are playing in top form, and can possibly beat any team in the league on any Sunday.  They have another chance this Sunday night, in the last game of the 2013 NFL regular season in Big D.  The Eagles and Cowboys play for the Division title, and a spot in the playoffs.  The loser goes home.

Think about that for a minute.  We joked at the beginning of the season when we talked about Week 17 playing the Cowboys, and how it may mean something!  Very very few Eagles fans thought this team would be in this situation, and (as of Thursday night) being a 7-point favorite IN Dallas.  What a ride this season has been so far.  And it is NOT over.  This week the Eagles and Chip Kelly have the opportunity to finish it, and with style.  We cannot wait for this game.  Sunday night cannot come fast enough.

We also want to thank all of our listeners and followers out there during the holiday season.  We gained many new listeners, had some great guests, enjoyed many hours of fun on twitter, and have had an amazing year.  The encouragement and feedback have kept us going, and it has been very much worth it.  We hope all of you have had a great holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, or how.  To us it is about community and a shared love of the Eagles.  Thank you to everyone for being a part of what we do here.



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