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EaglesFanCast PodcastThe Philadelphia Eagles, led by Quarterback Nick Foles put on a horrendous display of Offense, and lost, at home, to the Dallas Cowboys 17-3.  The shock of the day (among many) was that Foles performed so poorly overall.  After stellar weeks coming in for the injured Vick, Foles started again against the Cowboys in a battle for first place in the NFC East.  Eagles fans were very hopeful for many reasons, one of which the expectation that Foles would help the Eagles break the home losing streak that goes back to September 2012.

Unfortunately the Eagles Offense played poorly, with Foles executing a professional NFL Offense like he just graduated high school.  He was inaccurate, he was hesitant to throw into coverage, he did not get rid of the ball fast enough, and he had much trouble deciphering the Cowboys’ Defensive attack.  All told, it was one of the worst Eagles games, possibly one of the worst NFL games, we have had the unfortunate luck to see.

On the more positive side, the Eagles Defense played well again, and truly seems to be improving week to week since the Broncos game back in Week 4 of the season.  Unfortunately with no Offense to put points on the board, the Eagles team was left high and dry at Lincoln Financial Field again, with our runners falling down without being touched, and players dropping passes when a pass was actually thrown to them.

All in all, we hope this was a minor stumble on the season for Foles, but we will not get to see how he recovers, as he will sit out with a concussion in the game against the New York Giants this coming Sunday.  Michael Vick will return from his hamstring injury and start the game, hoping to bring a win with him.  We all hope for that.

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