The New and Old – EaglesFanCast 148

The Philadelphia Eagles log their first loss of the season, at home, falling to the San Diego Chargers 33-30.  The Offense was again exciting, if not somewhat muted, in the game, but our Defense showed what we feared in the preseason.  The secondary was ineffective, it seemed several receivers were open on every play, and there was almost no Eagles blitz to be seen.  But we knew the D was going to struggle.  The first week was an illusion as they took on a hobbled RGIII.  Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers had plenty of time to find his targets all day, and there were enough mistakes that allowed them to simply score too many points.  A bright spot is the Defense recovered two more fumbles, and Michael Vick and the rest of the Offense didn’t turn the ball over at all.

Vick had a career day, finding his receivers quickly and effectively, and keeping the Chargers Defense on their heels, allowing the Eagles to move the ball down the field.

Moving into this week, the Kansas City Chiefs come knocking on the door of the Linc, with the big man himself, Andy Reid leading the way.  No coach knows the Eagles better than Reid, but his biggest disadvantage is his replacement, Chip Kelly.  Hopefully Reid will typically out-think himself, and make enough bad play calls and poor clock management to keep his Offense (and our Defense) off the field.  This is a big game despite that, as it would feel much better going into Denver the following week 2-1 instead of 1-2.

At halftime of tomorrow’s game, former quarterback Donovan McNabb will once again walk onto the turf, this time to have his number retired.  Brian Dawkins will emcee the event, and it is sure to be an emotional day for Eagles fans.  McNabb was one of the best players in franchise history, as well as one of the best to helm the Offense.  He was exciting, talented, had the players’ trust, and brought much in the way of confidence and that chance of a victory to every game.  His play, along with other talented players and coaches, brought the Eagles to a Super Bowl for the first time in a long time.  Although the Eagles came up just short, it was a great ride, and one we should never forget.

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