Who’s the New Coach? – EaglesFanCast 142

After a few weeks off due to sickness… the flu, not sick of the Eagles… we are back to discuss our favorite, yet hapless, team.

The season is essentially over, there is little doubt left that Andy Reid is coaching his last games as an Eagle, and the fans have given up all hope.  We talk about how this season was the perfect storm against the team; with multiple injuries ruining sections, star players having just horrible years, and poor coaching from the top down.  The Eagles, and owner Jeffrey Lurie, are at a crossroads.  We were asked who would we hire as the new head coach, and we fumble over the answer, as we just get lost in the speculation.

One thing we are very unsure of, with a major change coming, are the Eagles headed into years of mediocre results, or will a new coaching staff be able to ignite the arguably very talented player base into a playoff contender again?  Unfortunately we will have to wait another ten months to find out.  After how this season has transpired, this will be a very long wait… and there are still weeks, and undoubtedly losses, to go in this season.

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