Hurricane Andy – EaglesFanCast 140

The Philadelphia Eagles and esteemed Head Coach Andy Reid use the BYE week effectively to prepare for the powered Atlanta Falcons.  Unfortunately the Falcons coaching staff prepared as well, and handed the Eagles a 30-17 loss, embarrassing the Eagles at home.  Vick continued to struggle despite not turning the ball over, and appeared after the game as a beaten man.  The beginnings of the rain from Hurricane Sandy began to fall around halftime, and the fans gave up shortly thereafter, as it was obvious to everyone that there was no heart left in the Eagles team that used to give all to overcome anything.  We also partnered with GM’s Driving the Northeast, and they are letting me drive a GMC Terrain Denali for the week.  I took that to the tailgate this Sunday, and everything I brought easily fit, and the ride and technology in the dash made it a lot of fun to drive.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles lose to the Falcons 30-17 at the Linc, and the fans lost heart quickly
  • The Atlanta Falcons are a rhythm Offense, and the Eagles defensive scheme was horrible, with Casey Matthews playing hopelessly
  • Michael Vick is just beaten, and seems to be saying it now
  • Andy Reid seems clueless in what to do next, but he has a huge decision to make; start Vick or Foles against the Saints on Monday Night Football on the road
  • I’m driving the GMC Terrain Denali thanks to the folkds at Driving the Northeast
  • Met up with Carmen Harris and George in the lots before the game… we had hope then!

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