Andy Reid, Smoke Screen – EaglesFanCast 138

Well the Philadelphia Eagles host the Detroit Lions at Lincoln Financial Field in south Philly.  They give up two 10-point leads during the game, quarterback Michael Vick turns the ball over three more times, and the Eagles lose in overtime 26-23.  The way this season has gone with the caliber of coaching and play, we are not truly surprised by this outcome.  Yet a mere two days later, the Eagles fire Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo and hire Todd Bowles for the job.  This news set off a firestorm of reaction by fans throughout Eagles Nation, some cheering the decision, and many more saying it still is not enough to patch the leaking holes in this ship.  Many state that Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg should also be fired, Mike Vick should be benched, and even Andy Reid himself should be sent packing.  It may not be the pacifier Reid was hoping for with this move, but we hope this is one step to a greater change for this team.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles fire Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo, and more anger than praise is released toward the team
  • Andy Reid is only there because of Jim Johnson and what he accomplished with the Defense
  • The wrong coordinator was fired… it should have been Marty Mornhinweg
  • Reid’s firing of Castillo was a smoke screen!
  • Vick had a look of despair on the sideline at one point in the Lions game after an interception, his mind is not right for this game right now
  • Could the Castillo firing actually be part of a front office plan to get Todd Bowles eventually head coach?
  • Vick is not the leader this team needs
  • Todd Bowles needs to just run the Defense effectively, and be more aggressive

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