These Birds Carry Heart of 2004 Eagles

After about the most agonizing and at the same time possibly most satisfying wins to open a season in a long time, the Eagles find themselves in an interesting spot. Not since 2004 (yes that was really 8 years ago) has Andy Reid’s Birds started 2-0.
While the first two games have been at times excruciatingly difficult to watch, they have proven that this team has it where it counts, they have heart and they refuse to just give up. I give immense credit to the Defense for taking a leadership stance in the second half Sunday. They rose up and allowed only two field goals, giving a sputtering Offense the opportunities it needed to score.
Le’ts not mince words here. Michael Vick must get better. He must make better decisions and if this is to be a Super Bowl year he cannot continue to expose himself to all of the hits he took against the Ravens. It only gets tougher with the loss of Jason Kelce, but that is all the more reason to get rid of the ball quicker. These Eagles will only go as far as Vick and LeSean McCoy can take them, and they both must take care of the football better than they have.
If the Offense can manage to play more mistake-free, its scary to me how good these guys have the potential to be. The bottom line is that they and only they can decide how good they want to be. The members of the 2004 team are watching. They see the potential for these Eagles to finish what they could not, and I see it too. I believe that after two ugly wins, they have shown that inside, the heart of 2004 is beating.
Time will tell if there is a heartbeat in February.