The Value Of A Win

Each win is worth the same at the end of the season, but this one means so much right now. Despite turnovers and penalties, the Eagles are finding a way to win and, as we all know, winning becomes a habit. The performance last week was embarrassingly poor, but it all changed on Sunday.

The Ravens are genuine Super Bowl contenders. It may sound a bit backward, but I’d have almost been more content had we narrowly lost than I was with the win at Cleveland. That week one debacle felt like we had picked up a win by the Browns beating themselves, rather than our sparkling array of Offensive talent actually doing anything.

I criticised Andy Reid and the Coaches last week for not making adjustments during the game, but this week appeared to be different. The second half was better than the first with fewer mistakes and better play calling. There are early signs that everything may just be coming together.

However, if it wasn’t for two late drives, the Eagles would be 0-2 today and facing a very long season. If the turnovers continue, defeats will happen. There is some basic coaching to be done to eliminate schoolyard errors. It’s hard to criticise Shady, but two fumbles in two games? Come on man, you’re better than that!

Michael Vick is making some poor decisions, but he has pulled it out when it counts. Of course, the counter argument is that it is somewhat down to #7 himself that the team has been in a position where those game-winning scores were needed. Vick must improve his decision-making on his “quest for greatness.” Having seen the mic’d up video last week, his leadership and confidence is not in question.

And how about those receivers? DeSean looks like he’s finally happy to play, Maclin is playing great, Jason “Hands” Avant is as reliable as ever and there have been really important catches made by Harbor and Celek too. A couple of injury worries, but not as serious as Jason Kelce. The bearded warrior is out for the season, yet we still put together a game winning drive against a very good Ravens Defense without him. This is a team with a lot of fight.

The Eagles Defense looks light years ahead of last season’s unit. Juan Castillo took a massive amount of criticism all through 2011, but today he deserves high praise. He has his guys playing and needs to keep them on top of their game. If he can do that for an entire season, it will turn an Andy Reid “goof” into a master stroke. It is often said that Defense wins Championships, well the Eagles Defense has certainly played a huge part in the 2-0 start.

Cut out the penalties and turnovers, then we’ll see just how good the 2012 Eagles are. Get down to Arizona and beat Kolb, then we’ll show the Super Bowl Chumps… I mean Champs… what we’re all about.

Cheers from the UK and GO BIRDS!

One thought on “The Value Of A Win”

  1. If we can cut down on the turnovers the sky is the limit with this team. Remember all those games we “should” have won last season? This season we are turning potential defeats into victory, not the other way around. However we won’t be considered a real threat for the superbowl until we start well and have games under control early, and not rely on late TD drives and defensive stands in the last 2minutes.

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