Moments of Mediocrity – EaglesFanCast 133

The 2012 NFL and Philadelphia Eagles season kicked off, and the result of a win was what we expected.  The WAY in which they won was not what was expected.  With QB Michael Vick throwing four interceptions, all but one of our Offensive line committing penalties, and a fully unbalanced play scheme, the Eagles barely win against a below average Cleveland Browns.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles beat the Cleveland Browns 17-16
  • There were way too many mistakes in coaching, play calling, and fundamentals
  • DeMeco Ryans played great and is exactly what the Eagles had hoped for
  • Andy Reid recognized that his play-calling should have had more runs
  • Ray Lewis and the Ravens Defense is going to be more than a test for this Eagles Offense
  • This week is all about the coaching
  • Our safeties and cornerbacks did the job they needed to shut down Brandon Weeden

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