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Well now things are getting interesting again.  The Philadelphia Eagles welcome the Jets to The Linc and trounce them 45-19, showing for the second week in a row a rather dominant Offense AND Defense.  Surprisingly, the Eagles are also still a faint glimmer in the playoff conversation, but need plenty of help the last two weeks of the season.  So no Eagles fans all over are at odds with their feelings on the team; those wanting head coach Andy Reid and Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo gone at any cost, and those that really enjoyed the Eagles teams that showed up the past two weeks.  It’s a very interesting thing that is going on in this regard, as all fans still bleed green, but are just disgusted at how the team as a whole played most of the previous twelve weeks.  Joining us this week is a return guest, Steve Malinowski from Tailgate365.com!

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday, no matter what holiday you celebrate, where, or with whom.  Enjoy your family, friends and cherish the good times.  Happy Holidays Eagles fans!

What we discussed:

  • Eagles beat the New York Jets 45-19, winning their second straight game
  • Fans battle themselves in where their loyalties on the team lie, resulting in winning or losing
  • Are the Eagles coaches safe yet?
  • Jason Babin is a beast, being all over the Jets quarterback this week and now leading the NFL in sacks this season
  • Be a Jets fan this week!
  • It would be so sweet for the Eagles to walk into Dallas’ big house and play the spoiler this week
  • EFC FFL Upate – the championship is on us and your two EFC cohosts battle it out for the title!



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