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As the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles NFL season continues in all of its dual personality, our own Eagles defeat the NFC East 1st place New York Giants in a game that came down to the final minutes.  The culmination of the game was backup Quarterback Vince Young, playing for injured Michael Vick, led his Offense on an 18-play drive for a touchdown that lasted 8:51, breaking the tie and going up 17-10.  Not long after, the Eagles Defense, which dominated most of the game, forced an Eli Manning fumble, stopping the Giants’ drive, and allowing the Eagles to win the game.  What was impressive was that the Eagles starting quarterback (Vick) and wide receiver (Maclin) were both out with injuries, allowing Young and Riley Cooper to fill their shoes, and they did it well. The Eagles won this game in the fourth quarter, something they have struggled with horribly this year, losing five games when leading in the fourth.  It sounds like a great win, and it was, not because of how the game was played, because there were plenty of mistakes and was ugly at times, but because we were able to see the Eagles dig down and do what they HAD to do to win.  The game was played with heart and determination, and we hope that carries the rest of the season that has so far brought disappointment.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles Defense stepped up big
  • Shady McCoy again had a great game, despite the Giants “stopping” his cutbacks most of the game
  • Riley Cooper had a great game in the WR spot for the injured Maclin, and caught his first touchdown pass
  • Vince Young should assume the locker room leadership role and mentor Vick and the team
  • Eagles have to cover two tight ends on the Patriots this week, and there is much concern for this
  • EFC FFL update
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