How Do YOU Say Done? – EaglesFanCast 122

What is there to say? The Philadelphia Eagles lose to the Arizona Cardinals and blow their fifth fourth quarter lead of the season.  At this point, with how the team played and the coaches failed, it’s very difficult to spin anything positive on how this season has progressed, and where they are going from here.  The Eagles travel up to play the New York Giants, but with the season already over, we do not see a chance that the Eagles will pull this game out and expect them to lose.  With much feedback in emails and voicemails this week, we have seen the fans’ disgust with head coach Andy Reid, and it seems that almost all want Reid gone. Thanks for the memories Coach Reid, but your time has passed, please leave your Chinese menu on the way out.  The time’s ours and we want to move on to the next chapter in this Eagles franchise history.

What we discussed:

  • Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson was benched for missing a team meeting. Pretty much Reid’s act was to set an example as a way to take back control
  • Quarterback Michael Vick suffered two broken ribs near the beginning of the game, but it was not known until the game was over, and Vick played poorly as a result
  • Shady McCoy under-utilized again, and again it hurts the team’s production
  • Andy Reid has turned into a horrible coach and manager, showing very little intelligence, bad decision-making abilities and poor judgement
  • The players on this Eagles team no longer have heart
  • The fans have very little faith in the Eagles now, but still love the team
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