Fire Andy – EaglesFanCast 124

The Philadelphia Eagles lose yet another home game, this time being embarrassed by the New England Patriots who methodically picked the Eagles apart like the Birds were a high school team. Yet the Patriots team is just a shadow of years past and the Eagles team is a professional football team with preseason aspirations of the Super Bowl. No more, as this loss essentially cements the team as one of the biggest disappointments in franchise history… and that says a lot. After squandering a 10-0 early game lead, the Patriots score three unanswered touchdowns. But the climax of the game occurred in the third quarter when about a quarter of the fans in attendance started chanting “Fire An-dy! Fire An-dy!”  Make no mistake about it, it was loud, and it was intentional. It sent a direct message not only to Andy Reid, but to Eagles owner Jeff Lurie. The chant again arose in the fourth quarter as the team continued to implode under Reid’s girth. To underscore the frustration and message, with just over eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, about half of the fans stood in unison and walked out of the stadium… out on the players, out on the coaches, and out on the owners. At the end of the game, there were almost as many Patriots fans in attendance as there were Eagles fans… something I never thought I would ever see.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles fans sent an audible message to coach Andy Reid and owner Jeff Lurie at the Eagles game during yet another home loss
  • What do fans have to do to get Lurie’s attention?
  • Some fans have declared not to buy or ask for any Eagles gear during this Holiday season as a way of hurting the bottom line of the Eagles organization
  • This season is unequivocally over, despite not being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention yet. Anyone still holding out hope of a December race is fooling themselves
  • Andy Reid has lost complete control of this team, with players not committing to playing their best, penalties and mental mistakes, and even coaches arguing on the sidelines… it just shows how far this team has fallen
  • The frustration is now done, and Eagles fans now only hope that Reid will no longer be the coach of their team in 2012
  • The Eagles now have a very short week, traveling across the country to Seattle to play the Seahawks on Thursday night
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