Eagles Dream Team Lost

It’s Friday, and usually we are looking forward to watching the Eagles play in two days. Things have changed.

Now it seems Philadelphia Eagles fans are looking at this game with much trepidation. Andy Reid, when pressed for answers in various press conferences and shows, reacts with impatience and with terse replies, if replying at all.  Sports analysts spell out numerous shortcomings, Eagles bloggers spark discussions on the issues, and the loyal fans scream out their frustration and anger.

Any of the above occurs after any Eagles loss.  But now the Eagles have lost three straight games, at the beginning of a season that essentially promised nothing short of a Super Bowl appearance.  Three losses in a row.  Three games where the Eagles held a lead, and three games where they scored zero points in the 4th Quarter. Among fans, panic has set in, anger, confusion and frustration are flowing, and some are calling this season done already.  The “Dream Team” moniker that started in the shortened pre-season (which I abhorred from the beginning) is now used quite often to mock the Eagles and the fans.

The team still has to play, and as fans we can choose to watch and follow the team that we love.

Are the Eagles done for the year? Is this dream over? Should we go on and write this team off and call publicly for the termination of much of the coaching staff? I, personally, cannot.  I’m a “half glass full” kind of person with everything in my life anyway. I don’t think this Eagles team is over this year.  There is a lot of talent on the team.  The coaches are some of the best in the league. I am confident this team has the heart to turn it around.  I don’t want to think otherwise!  I look forward to football season more than anything else, only to see my Philadelphia Eagles take the field. I love the team, I love the fans, I love the passion that this team inspires everywhere.

I, for one, am not writing this team off yet.  I feel that a turnaround is possible.  I want it to happen. I want the players to dig down and make it happen. The city, the fans everywhere, deserve for it to happen.

I am looking forward to football on Sunday.  I am waiting for the Eagles to line up against the Bills and play their hearts out. I am expecting a WIN for Philadelphia.