No More Dream Team Talk (Please)

Let’s start by throwing out the “Dream Team” tag. I never liked it to begin with.  Dream teams do not have major deficiencies in key positions. Sure the Eagles have three of the best Cornerbacks in the league, but also have Linebackers who cannot cover Tight Ends, or in the case of Casey Mathews on Sunday, the Running Back.

Dream teams do not have safeties who try to tackle the shoulders, a la Kurt Coleman, and let them turn a modest completion into a 70+ yard TD. Dream teams do not get consistently stopped at the goal line.  Dream teams also do not have special teams that go offsides on a field goal attempt on 4th and short.

The Giants didn’t win that game, the Eagles lost it plain and simple. They were in position to score up to five TDs and only scored one.
The defence overall did a good job, kept them to five of twelve on 3rd down. Kept them to only 14 First Downs for the game. However Mathews and Coleman on two plays undermined the good work allowing two TDs totalling 114 yards, more than a third of the Giants’ total yardage.

There were also some horrible plays on offence, such as Steve Smith’s dropped catch turning into an interception, and two horrible interceptions by Kafka late.

That was probably one of the most frustrating games I’ve seen in a long time. Shady McCoy was the standout highlight, finally we saw the Eagles run the ball consistently, at one point ten runs were called out of eleven plays. In total 40 runs and 30 passes, I hope we can keep the run ratio at 50% (or slightly better) for the rest of the season. Now if we can just get Vick to be still in the game in the 4th Quarter we can look forward to some play action passes, hopefully for big plays.

I still think we will win the division, but we need to keep doing all the good things and eliminate the terrible things that are costing us wins.


WIN Damnit!

Aussie Steve.

One thought on “No More Dream Team Talk (Please)”

  1. The “Dream Team” should only be used in context of the Michael Jordan USA Basketball Team. Okay…maybe it can be used if the Eagles win the Super Bowl this year. With the start that we had, 1-4, I think everyone would call them the Dream Team if we get a Championship because it would be one for the ages to remember.

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