My IR List is Better Than Yours!

A day after Andy “I goofed” Reid announced Broderick Bunkley needed elbow surgery, and will likely be done for the season, it turns out he may be able to play through the injury. Let’s hope so.   Already after only five games we have five players on IR, plus Victor Abiamiri on the Reserve/PUP list.

I’m going to put a positive spin on all these injuries. We get to see who has what it takes to take us to the next level, and who doesn’t.

When Vick took over and started playing out of his skin I actually started thinking making the playoffs, winning the division and maybe getting a couple of  home playoffs were distinct possibilities, and from there anything can happen.  Now I just don’t know if that’s a serious possibility,  and that’s  probably a good thing, we have a good young team but not a champion team yet, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ve had too many NFC championship disappointments in recent memory.

Going into preseason with Kolb as our new starter I, like most of you, was anticipating a rebuilding year  where anything better than 8-8 or 9-7  would be a bonus.  But all the injuries, especially on offense, are making it hard to predict how anything will turn out, but maybe some of the players who are getting their chance due to injuries will blossom into legitimate starters, maybe not.  Maybe, instead of being the year that Kevin Kolb gets to learn and grow into being a top starting QB, this might be the year that Michael Vick takes control and makes this team his own and Kolb gets traded.

I actually think that both of them can be our franchise QB, it just remains to be seen who it is.  Michael Vick is only 30 and, because of his jail time  his body has avoided a few seasons worth of sacks.  I see no reason why Vick can’t be our starter for the next five or more years. Remember Randall Cunningham was 34 when he started at the Vikings after a season off, and took them to the superbowl the next year.   Half the teams in the league don’t have a QB they seriously think can take them to the superbowl, we possibly have two.  Kolb seems to be improving each time I see him, and who knows how good he might be.

One thing is almost certain, only one of them is likely to be on the roster come week one, 2011.

Let’s assume this is not our year and sit back and enjoy the rest of the season and see our many young players mature.   Hopefully we have a winning season and also find out which players are going to take us the next step.  A few missed blocks,  blown coverages and dropped passes are annoying, but we at least will really know who has it, and who doesn’t.

Players like King Dunlap, Brandon Graham and Owen Schmitt will get plenty of opportunity to show us if they can legitimately compete to be starters next season.   At the moment Dunlap doesn’t look too good, but he’s likely to see plenty of snaps this season and have plenty of chances to convince us otherwise.

Right now, the only thing I can say for sure  is that  the Super Bowl should not even be on the radar (sorry Todd). We could still get lucky and win the division.  At this stage who knows what record will be needed in the NFC East, considering how inconsistent everyone is. It could come down to tie breakers with two or even three teams on 10-6 or 9-7. This is an exciting year so far and will continue to be, even if we don’t make the playoffs.

Let’s just hope Goofy there on the sidelines learns some clock management.

I won’t hold my breath on that!

Go Birds!

Aussie Steve