EaglesFanCast 89 – This Honeymoon Is Over

The 2010 Philadelphia Eagles season started a new era with much anticipation, excitement and cautious optimism.  The first game against the NFC favorites Green Bay Packers ended with confusion, sadness, and a lot of questions.  So many things went wrong in this game, with season ending injuries to two Pro-Bowlers, two of our other stars leaving with concussions, questionable play by our Special Teams and Offensive Line, our backup quarterback out-rushing most of the league and once again losing confidence in the head coach’s decisions.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles lose 27-20 to the Green Bay Packers at home
  • Quarterback Kevin Kolb was awful, but his Offensive Line didn’t protect him
  • We lost fullback Leonard Weaver because of Chuck
  • Email from Corey in Maryland
  • What was Andy Reid’s role in this loss?
  • Email from Barry in North Jersey
  • Email from Steve in the UK
  • Email from Aussie Mike
  • Email from Dennis in Gettysburg
  • Looking ahead and we quickly run down the EaglesFanCast Fantasy Football results

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