Happy Birthday to US

Three short (or long, depending on who you talk to) years ago, three guys decided to start podcasting about their mutual, intense passion.  No, not skateboarding in traffic wearing nothing but banana hammocks.  (That doesn’t translate well to audio, after all.)  No, podcasting about our passion and love of the Philadelphia Eagles.

In three years we’ve recorded 85 episodes, and talked with some of the best Eagles fans out there.  We have laughed, cried and raged about our beloved Midnight Green and Silver Birds.  We talked to an author, a movie writer and were interviewed by NPR.

Most importantly, we’ve made some friends along the way from all over the world.  We’ve read your emails, listened to your voicemails, and even a couple of you have joined us as writers for this site.  We have talked with you on twitter and facebook, met up with others at Eagles tailgates, and have been amazed at the support we get just for talking about this team.

We do this for the fun of it, but what keeps us going is the feedback we get from all of you plus knowing that others relate to what we are saying and how we are feeling.  We love the feedback you give to us, and the fact that we have people show up in the chat room when we record live.  It’s awesome.

I’ve talked with Eric and Todd about the show on multiple occasions, and there is no sign in any of us that we will stop doing this any time soon.  We have too much fun, plain and simple.  Now we head toward a new Eagles season, and there is more excitement than there has been in years!  The optimism may not be there in full from Eagles fans, but the excitement sure is, and we can’t wait to see what this team has in store for all of us.

So tell us how we’re doing, keep the feedback coming, be a part of our show in ANY of the many ways you can.  Let your voice be heard and show us your Philadelphia Eagles passion.


Photo courtesy of thedumper.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to US”

  1. Happy birthday EFC! It may be a hobby to you guys, but for all of the Eagles fans around the world we rely on people such as yourselves to help us keep in touch with the real feelings of the fans rather than the headline writers. Here’s to another successful 3 years… and more!

  2. Awesome podcast – and looks like a yummy cake! Thanks guys for all your hard work. I listen to your podcasts on my way to work and it always makes me smile.

    Go Iggles. Is THIS the year??????

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