EaglesFanCast 88 – Preseason Winds Down

Three down, one last to go.  The Jets come to Philly for the last game, and we already know that any starters will get very little play time, if at all.  So that leaves our new starting quarterback, Kevin Kolb, with no scores in the preseason.  That sounds scary, but we agree that there is no need for panic.

There have been ups and downs so far, with a great hit by Asante Samuel, Vick’s usage with the first teams seems to be doing nothing but ruining their timing, DE Ricky Sapp placed on IR and questions about a few others’ performance.  Most of what you have read and heard about this team so far is not very enthusiastic.  Is it a young team still trying to find the gel, or smoke screens by the coaching staff?  We will find out in a few more weeks when we meet the Green Bay Packers in the opener.

In the meantime, there is one more preseason game against the Jets.  Then the final cuts happen.  A lot of players will be fighting for a job, so it should be an interesting game to watch.  Speaking of the Jets, Eric has been watching Hard Knocks and has really enjoyed it.

We also gave out a code in the chat room during the recording for our new EaglesFanCast iPhone App, and have one more to give.  Listen for the EFC trivia question in the show, and be the first to email the correct answer to us, and you can win a code to download the App for free!  Here are the rules: you have to be a resident of the U.S., and obviously you have to have an iPhone to download it.

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  1. Hey everyone, I just found out yesterday that the Eagles opener against Green Bay will be televised live in Australia @ 7am on One HD! Man, am I freakin psyched! I will even get to sit and watch the whole game before I go to work. Bloody fantastic. Glad to have you guys back on the airwaves for another exciting season of Eagles football. Later, Aussie Jim.

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