EaglesFanCast Is Back!

Your EaglesFanCast HostsAfter a Summer of vacations, conflicts and technical issues… Eric, Todd and Chuck climb out of the sweltering heat to talk about our first love, The Eagles (our wives won’t read this anyway). With the team starting up Training Camp this week, we will start to see how things are going to look for our reconfigured 2010 Philadelphia Eagles. Hopefully this year will start off better than 2009 did, and the transition from McNabb to Kolb will be solid.

We plan to also record the show live on ustream, so join us in the chat room tonight at this address – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/eaglesfancast.  Check our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for the exact time that we will start (somewhere around 8:30pm EDT).

The podcast will be posted a few hours later once it’s all been put together. I’ll let you know in the usual locations.

See you tonight!

One thought on “EaglesFanCast Is Back!”

  1. Great to have you guys back for the 2010 season and it was nice to hear the new London writer. I went to the Bears Cowboys game in Wembly in 1986, just a year after Live Aid was held there and what a game. I don’t think many of the Brits knew the rules at the time but they sure could do the wave, over and over again. The big memory for me that game was William “Fridgerator” Perry scoring a TD on a goal line stance.
    And Chuck, I agree with you on Fandom. I was a bigger fan of the Eagles in my youth, dropped off a bit, but now at the top of the bandwagon, in part due to your show keeping me involved.

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