McNabb Sacked By Strahan

I saw this today and simply thought, as Eagles fans, we all hated Strahan. As we all know, McNabb had quite a few detractors when he played for the Eagles, but now he is on the Redskins, and plainly put, now the enemy. So this ad is put together by Dr. Pepper and I have to wonder, how do Eagles fans feel about it?

  • Laugh at seeing McNabb crushed?
  • Nauseous at seeing Strahan’s gap-toothed smile?
  • Apathy towards Dr. Pepper now?
  • All of the above?

2 thoughts on “McNabb Sacked By Strahan”

  1. I think it’s pretty funny and just the first of many times that Donovan ends up on his back this year. He has so little protection with the Deadskins O-line that he should be glad Strahan’s making money off Dr Pepper now and not hunting him down for real!

  2. Thats funny i don’t care who you are… LOL

    Strahan isn’t bugging me nearly as much. He is a likable guy, as long as he’s far away from NY. come to think of it I like anything as long as its not in NY :-D

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