Would You Wear The ‘Shirt Of Hurt’?

Sport Relief is a biennial charity event from Comic Relief and BBC Sport which brings together the worlds of sport and entertainment to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries.

In 2006, David Walliams of ‘Little Britain’ fame swam the English Channel to raise money for the charity. David also swam the Gibraltar Strait for the 2008 campaign before television presenter Adrian Chiles cycled 335 miles in just two days.

So far this year, television presenter Helen Skelton has completed a solo kayak down the 2,010 miles of the Amazon, while colleague Christine Bleakley water skied across the English Channel. But perhaps the most incredible challenge so far in Sport Relief history was taken up by comedian and movie star Eddie Izzard – 43 marathons in only 51 days!

Sport Relief raised almost £20m (approximately $30m) last year and they’re looking to smash that figure during the televised show on Friday 19th March.

So how does that have anything whatsoever to do with our Philadelphia Eagles?

Well, a number of UK sports fans have agreed to wear the “shirt of hurt”, the team jersey of their most bitter rivals and be photographed wearing it in order to raise money for a very worthy cause. There is an online gallery here. A number of soccer players have even been convinced to swap a jersey with a dreaded rival. England has 92 professional soccer teams and the entire country is only slightly bigger than the state of Pennsylvania, so rivalries here can be pretty intense!

And this made me think. How much would need to be donated for one of our bleeding green Eagles fans to wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey? Would you be photographed wearing one if $50 was donated? How about $500? How much would it take?

What if DeSean Jackson was to wear a Cowboys jersey in order to raise a substantial amount for those in need? Would you be prepared to match that amount so that he doesn’t go through with it, or wouldn’t it bother you?

I’d love to read your views on this, so please feel free to click on the ‘comments’ link at the top of the post and tell me what you’d be prepared to do in the name of charity.

For the record, there’s no way I’ll be wearing a Cowboys jersey. I’ll be donating enough to pay for a hot, nutritious lunch for over 600 children living in extreme poverty in Zambia, but wearing that star? No way!

Cheers from the UK and GO BIRDS!

2 thoughts on “Would You Wear The ‘Shirt Of Hurt’?”

  1. Great stuff Steve! To be honest, when I saw the title of this article, I thought it was going to be about a Shawn Andrews jersey…

    I would wear a Dallas jersey. One, it would have to be for a great cause. Two, at the end of the specified time period, I would insist on a firing-squad execution. Immediately. While still wearing it.

  2. I might wear it for charity as long as It was only for a few minutes and I could wear something else under it (wouldn’t want the smell of shit to get on my skin!)and provided I could burn it and piss on it afterwards!

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